Everyone is an apple that God has bitten.

Flowers are so beautiful because spring gives them color; trees are so strong because spring rain gives them nutrition; birds are so happy because spring breeze lifts their flight. What lovely people are we growing up to escort us? I have been thinking hard about it and searching hard for it. Until today, when I experienced the “my favorite head teacher” sea election, my heart was suddenly open-minded, deeply attracted by the deeds of these “people closest to God” and deeply touched by these “children cows” who are willing to be ladders.
Huang Shanshan, a young head teacher of Dongfang Primary School. Miss Huang is so versatile that singing and dancing can’t beat her. On weekdays, Miss Huang will play with her classmates like a friend, and care about her students and encourage them like a mother. XX is one of the most amazing students she teaches. He didn’t know how to study hard, how to love his classmates, how to fight and swear, and how to make a bloody event every day – the back of his first grade classmate was bitten Purple by him; the head of his second grade classmate was broken by him; most of his classmates had scars left by him. Facing this individual student, whom she had never seen in Huang’s teaching career, she was at a loss at first. But when she calmed down, she condemned her incompetence in her heart. As long as you work hard, a little stone can turn into gold. Teacher Huang took out the magic weapon of “love” and began the project of love. She talked to him kindly and made him cry; she washed his face and hands and made him laugh; she patiently made up lessons for him and listened to him enter the country; when he saw a little progress, she put on a little red flower for him; Miss Huang made him a disciplinary supervisor, and he had a sense of ownership responsibility… Change, change, he is no longer an individual, he has melted into the class stream like a drop of water.
Yes, teacher, if you give us a word, you will open a window for us; you will open your hands and let us roam the sea of knowledge. You are like a brother, you are more like your parents.
Like the teacher Yin Ying, she is not very beautiful, but all her classmates kindly call her “mother sheep” and “three sheep” teacher. Because she has the wisdom of Pleasant Sheep, the love of Warm Sheep and the laziness of Lazy Sheep. After class, she mingled with her classmates, but the class was unambiguous. She was very serious and humorous, and often praised the students. Students love her not only because of her above advantages, but also because of her classmates’illness. She went to his home to make up lessons herself. Because of teacher Yin, the children are very happy. Teacher Yin gives them not only the care of the teacher for the children, but also the motherly love. She said, “Everyone is an apple bitten by God, which is defective! Some people are defective, because God loves his fragrance very much.” When Yin was a teacher, she met a special child, who was impatient because she could not teach that student well. However, with her continuous learning, the teacher realized an educational call to wait. The girl in her class couldn’t read and write as fluently as other children. Learning became the biggest difficulty for the child. Has been helpless and uneasy through. Teacher Yin stayed with her almost every day to teach her to read Pinyin and write again. A little progress, teachers will be very happy. Over the past three years, a child who has not been valued by others has finally found himself in the expectation of others. Confidence is like a dry match. A little Mars shines. As Long Yingtai said, “There are too many flower branches, his hands are too small, the straw rope is too long, and the little man just wants to tie a bow. The knot can’t be tied if his fingers go around.” Teacher Yin Ying is the “mother sheep” who can sit quietly on the shallow steps of the oblique sun and look at the bright-eyed child and let her tie the bow calmly.
Yes, teacher, if you give us a smile, we will be all strength; if you give us a look, we will find the direction, you are like a friend, more like parents.
Like Ms. Fei Yinfen, from the name of her surname, “Fei” is a waste of money, so you will be mistaken for she is not very good. But ah, you guessed wrong, on the contrary, she is fat, but she is skillful. When egg paintings, traditional Chinese paintings, stone paintings and clippings were displayed in front of us, the whole audience held its breath, as if the sound of a pin falling on the ground could be heard clearly. Teacher Fei devoted special care to Yang Yang, an autistic child, with his ingenuity and ingenuity. After listening to the story of Yang Yang and Fei, my eyes were wet and cold liquid passed through them.
“Everyone is an apple that God has bitten,” but it is these head teachers who have injected more sweetness and fragrance into these apples.

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