The factories involved in spraying green on Sanmenxia Mountain have been ordered to stop production and rectify for trial.

In response, Jinjiang Mining officials said to the media that the non-ferrous liquid system was purchased from Henan Qianshan Wanshui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and its main function was “dust suppression”. According to the person in charge of Zhu’s surname of Henan Qianshan Wanshui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., the product is only used for sand fixation and dust suppression, not for “satellite prevention” as the netizens questioned.
On the afternoon of the 12th, Pengmei News contacted the person in charge of Cui surname of Henan Jiujin Technology Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of the product. He told Pengmei News that the principle of the online transmission of “green-sprayed mountain bodies in a mining area of Sanmenxia City, Henan Province” was actually “ordinary dust suppressant plus color paste”, but only in ordinary dust suppressant. The color paste is mixed in, but all of them are vegetable gum. “Spraying can show that it is really doing dust suppression work, giving people a distinctive reminder. Generally in accordance with the ratio of eight thousandths, if it does not appear, appropriate promotion.
Peng Mei News noted that the State Intellectual Property Office announced in March this year that the national invention patent entitled “A Method for the Preparation of Quick Filming Liquid Dust Suppressor” approved by Henan Jiujin Science and Technology Co., Ltd. showed that the invention disclosed a method for the preparation of Quick Filming Liquid Dust Suppressor, which belongs to the field of Dust Suppressor.
The announcement said that the dust suppressant prepared by the invention has the effect of absorbing water, penetrating and binding, and spraying on the road surface after mixing with water. It can not only absorb water molecules in the air, but also quickly form a wet and non-volatile water-retaining film on the road surface, so as to achieve the purpose of inhibiting dust flying, and quickly form a continuous and complete film. Wind and rain resistance can protect the road surface. The raw materials of dust suppressant are green and degradable, and there is no secondary pollution.
Henan Jiujin Technology Co., Ltd. said that in the incident, Henan Qianshan Wanshui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was one of its agents, responsible for promoting the dust suppressant of color paste. The cost of common dust suppressant spraying is a few cents, but the cost of color paste is about 1.1 and 1.2 yuan per square meter. Qianshan Wanshui Company took 120,000 yuan of goods from their company, but it was unexpected that it would encounter trouble as soon as it was sold and used.
This person in charge introduced the new product of “Dust Suppressor and Colour Paste”, which was previously identified as non-toxic and harmless, but because of its water-soluble characteristics, fear of rain wash, it usually rains little, heavy rain is more troublesome, so spraying it in dry and rainless places is effective for several years. Generally speaking, the actual effect also needs to consider whether the contact surface is soil or rock and cement, so the rock is more resistant to retention.
According to the official website information of Henan Jiujin Science and Technology Co., Ltd., the company is mainly engaged in the development and research of high-tech products.


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