Wang Yibo’s concern about Sun Honglei

Recently, Wang Yibo paid attention to Sun Honglei’s onlookers. The reason was that Sun Honglei sent a comic version of Wang Yibo on Weibo, which caused many netizens to discuss it. Then Wang Yibo replied to Sun Honglei, thanked Sun Honglei for flopping, to see what the specific situation was. ?

On September 10, Wang Yibo paid attention to Sun Honglei and caused a hot discussion among netizens. On the evening of September 9, actor Sun Honglei released a news and asked the netizens to “I am emotional, thinking.” There is nothing in the text, just simple interaction with fans. The picture of Sun Honglei is a painting. The color of this painting is black and white. It is a young boy wearing a black sweater and a black baseball cap. It is very cool. The words “beekeeper” and “cool guy wyibo” are also included in the picture.

Wang Yibo pays attention to what Sun Honglei is doing. What is the relationship between Wang Yibo and Sun Honglei?

Sun Honglei may not be aware of this photo, which is the cartoon image of Wang Yibo. Wang Yibo is known as a “beekeeper”. It is understood that he likes to wrap himself up when he is out, as if the beekeeper is afraid of being stung by bees, so he is called “airport beekeeper” by fans. .

Subsequently, Wang Yibo paid attention to Sun Honglei’s Weibo and commented: “Thank you for your teacher’s flop, happy…” It is also accompanied by a cute smile. It is reported that on the evening of September 9, Sun Weilei’s microblog was accompanied by a cartoon of Wang Yibo airport beekeeper. In the picture, Wang Yibo wore a casual sportswear, his hands were pocketed, and a cool cover was handsome.

Wang Yibo and Sun Honglei are both entertainers in the entertainment industry. They should not be familiar with each other before. However, on the evening of September 9, actor Sun Honglei released a news, asking the majority of netizens “I am emotional, thinking.” Sun Honglei often sends this style of Weibo, it does not seem to be special, but the problem lies in the picture he sent. In the picture is a cool cover that is covered with clothes, masks and hats. The words “AIRPORT” and “beekeeper” on the left and “COOL BUY” and “WYIBO” on the right.

If you don’t see the characters, you can see that “WYIBO” can be known. This is a cartoon created by Wang Yibo fans for Aidou. When Wang Yibo walked the airport, he was very cool. He liked to be “armed” and covered his whole body, only his eyes. Sometimes he wears a hat and flips the sweater over to cover the hat, and the headband on the head hangs on the head and looks like a beekeeper, so the “beekeeper” looks on it. Hot search.

Therefore, when you mention the “beekeeper” shape of the airport, you will think of Wang Yibo, plus the obvious “WYIBO” next to it. The figure in this picture must be Wang Yibo. But the question is coming. Why is Sun Honglei matching Wang Yibo’s picture? Do they have an intersection? Many fans of Wang Yibo saw pictures and commented on them. This Weibo is very lively. Some people are still speculating about Sun Honglei’s move.

Many netizens think that the two people who seem to have no intersection at all have now have an intersection in this way. I am afraid there will be cooperation. However, such a speculation makes Wang Yibo’s fans sincere and fearful, for fear of being too ridiculed, and quickly commented that Sun Honglei’s teacher is probably with the picture, I don’t know if this is Wang Yibo. This kind of thinking also makes sense. If Sun Honglei doesn’t know the stem of the “beekeeper”, he doesn’t know Wang Yibo. Just because “WYIBO” can’t think of who it is, it feels that it is possible to have a cool picture.


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