Korea defeats Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast in the first phase of Group A Group III were all defeated, qualifying group M first game lost to Nigeria, it is difficult to win. After defeating the Chinese men’s basketball team in the last game, Korean men’s basketball team is 0-4. And the two teams also lost the chance to compete for the Olympic qualifications, which is a real face-to-face battle.
It is worth mentioning that the longest consecutive defeat record in the history of the World Cup is also maintained by the two teams. Ivory Coast has participated in 17 World Cup matches in its history, winning only one match in the 2010 World Cup, having suffered 16 consecutive defeats before. The Korean men’s basketball team also failed to win 16 consecutive games between 1978 and 1990.
Ivory Coast ranks the lowest in the world among 32 teams in the World Cup, ranking only 64th. The four lost games in this World Cup were more than 16.5 points in the midfield, besides, the average score, rebounds and assists ranked the bottom five of all teams. South Korea lost 26 points to Argentina in the first World Cup, 73-83 to Russia in the second, and 66-108 to Nigeria in the last group match, averaging 26 points per game.


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