Can Spider-Man Join the Marvellous Universe after he leaves Marvellous Universe

Now that Spider-Man series has been integrated into the Manwei universe for about four years, fans may still be looking forward to the role of Spider-Man playing a more important role in the Manwei universe. Unfortunately, the collaboration between Sony and Disney to build Spider-Man has come to an end, and the Disney production team has officially withdrawn.
Fitch, for example, will not be the main producer of Spider-Man’s next film, and Sony has officially announced the end of its partnership with Manway Pictures. Sony said it was disappointed with Disney’s decision, but it respected it. Sony said the termination of the partnership was Disney’s first decision, and expressed hope for change in the future.
Although the collaboration ended, Sony also expressed Manway’s efforts and contributions to the third version of Spider-Man, “Thank you very much for helping us get on track, and we will continue to do so.” We can see from Sony’s news that the end of today’s cooperation is inevitable. We don’t know if Spider-Man will join the Manway universe.


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