Continuous heavy rainfall in Guangzhou in the coming week affected by typhoon Swordfish

On September 4, the reporter learned from the Three Defense Offices of Guangzhou that, after consultation, the tropical depression in the South China Sea was strengthened at 2:00 a.m. on the 3rd day off the coast of Vietnam as “Swordfish” (Tropical Storm Level 14) of this year, and landed on the coast of Chengtian-Shunhua Province, Vietnam (Level 8) around 2:30 a.m. It is expected that Swordfish will first move to the south-west at a speed of about 5 kilometers per hour, with little change in intensity, and then to the northeast. It will enter the South China Sea again around noon tomorrow and gradually approach the southern coast of Hainan. The intensity will increase slowly, with the maximum intensity reaching tropical storm level or severe tropical storm level. (Level 8-10).
Affected by it, there will be continuous heavy rainfall in Guangzhou in the next week. The main precipitation process will occur on April 8 (the most concentrated rainfall is 5-7), the largest in Panyu, Nansha, Zengcheng and Huangpu, and the largest in the heavy rain process, with a cumulative rainfall of 80-150 mm. In addition, 6-7 gusts were maintained in Guangzhou harbor area from 3 to 5 days, ranging from 6 to 7-8 gusts and 46 gusts on land. On 7 days, 8-9 gusts, 5-7 gusts and 8-8 gusts were increased, and the onset wind was obviously weakened. It is expected that there will be an obvious fluctuation process in the main rivers in the second half of the week. Some small and medium-sized rivers may have an overwarning flood once every five to ten years. A 40-80 cm storm surge will occur at the Pearl River estuary on June 7, and an overwarning position will appear at Zhongda Hydrological Station.
On the afternoon of September 3, the city’s three defense headquarters organized a video conference to defend against typhoon No. 14 “Swordfish”, which was chaired by Huang Biao, deputy director of the city’s three defense headquarters and director of the city’s three defense headquarters, and director of the city’s emergency management bureau. At the meeting, the Municipal Meteorological Bureau, the Guangzhou Hydrological Branch of the Provincial Hydrological Bureau and the Nanhai Forecast Center of the State Oceanic Administration carried out the forecast and analysis of typhoon Swordfish. The Municipal Bureau of Education, the Public Security Bureau, the Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources, the Transportation Bureau of the Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau, the Water Bureau, the Agricultural and Rural Bureau and the Guangzhou Maritime Bureau respectively reported the Preparations for departmental defense.


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