“Yang Liu” or landing in Hainan Guangdong today

Typhoon Yangliu, the 12th typhoon of this year, is expected to land on the southeastern coast of Hainan Province between the afternoon and night of 29th with tropical storm or severe tropical storm. Affected by it, the sea surface wind in the central and western parts of Guangdong Province will gradually increase to 6-8 levels, and the sea surface wind in the Beibu Gulf will gradually increase to 7-9 levels. There will be moderate to heavy rainstorms in the southern coastal cities and counties.
At 17:00 on the 28th, the Guangdong Provincial Defense Office and the Provincial Emergency Management Department organized a video dispatching meeting in Zhuhai, Jiangmen, Zhanjiang, Maoming and Yangjiang to further analyze and judge the situation, deploy defense and rescue work, and issue major weather announcements and defense response announcements to the relevant municipalities. Guangdong Provincial Three Defense Offices and Provincial Emergency Management Office stressed that the relevant areas should overcome paralysis and not be lax because of the small wind, so as to achieve the goal of “preferring ten defenses to nine empty ones and not failing to take precautions”.
In addition, the reporter learned that in response to typhoon “Yangliu”, the National Defense General launched an emergency response against typhoon level IV on 28, and sent three working groups to Hainan, Guangdong and Guangxi to guide and assist the local authorities in their work.
Trains in and out of Qiongzhou Strait are out of service
Affected by typhoon Yangliu, the wind in the Qiongzhou Strait will increase to level 9-10 and gust 11 from midnight on the 28th. Haikou Maritime Bureau issued a notice that the entire route of Qiongzhou Strait was suspended from 18:00 on the 28th. All Ro-Ro passenger ships return to harbour for shelter. Passenger trains in and out of the Qiongzhou Strait have been suspended.
Guangdong Maritime Department reminded that typhoon “Yangliu” may have an impact on the coastal areas of Guangdong. Ships should pay close attention to typhoon dynamics and related early warning information, and do a good job in preventing and resisting various measures.


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