The Truth of the Guarantee of No Housing

On August 3, a 51-year-old judge of the Yongzhou Intermediate Court of Hunan, Qu Zhongya, fell into a huge whirlpool of public opinion because of a “no housing” guarantee. This security certificate from the screenshot of the circle of friends said that for the sake of his wife’s health, Qu Zhongya resolutely “severed the unfair relationship between men and women” and five other women, such as Huang Moumou, and “no longer opened a room with them” and so on.
Online “no room” guarantee.
The content of the guarantee and the storm of public opinion caused by it made the parties feel embarrassed, ashamed and self-reproached.
On August 6, the second day after the “Guarantee” was reported by the media, he was declared to be suspended from the post of President of the Second Court of Penalty of Yongzhou Intermediate Court for investigation.
On the 22nd, according to Yongzhou Intermediate People’s Court, there is no evidence to prove that Qu Zhongya has an unfair relationship with Tang Mouyan, Shen Mouyan, Yang Mouzhang and Deng Mouzhen in the “Guarantee”. In addition, Huang Mouxiang has not yet been investigated for working outside.
After interviewing the Quzhongya couple and their colleagues, neighbours, and several women mentioned, the reporter came up with a completely different situation from the content of the guarantee.
Four of the five women mentioned in the pledge said that they had no unfair relationship with Qu Zhongya. They felt “very angry” and “very unjust” about it. They hoped to clarify the facts and return their innocence through journalists.
At the same time, they have the right to be accountable for the impact of the incident on their family life.
In fact, before five women were stigmatized by the bond, three of them had been repeatedly questioned and entangled by Qu’s Central Asian wife He Yongmei (alias).
He Yongmei’s Family Members in Psychiatric Hospital
He Yongmei’s Disease Diagnosis Situation Surging News Reporter Tan Juntu
On August 12, the reporter learned from Zhishan Hospital in Yongzhou City that He Yongmei had been diagnosed as a “paranoid state” (one of paranoid mental disorders) and treated in the hospital. “The typical feature of this disease is delusion. In her world, there is a delusion of the existence of a fact, which is firmly believed, but suffering from the lack of evidence. Only drugs and professional psychotherapy can shake her delusion. The doctor of Zhishan Hospital said.
“Today, I think carefully about what I have done before, which has affected the health of my family and wife. Out of the responsibility of the family, I am wrong to say sorry to my wife He Mou-mou. I hereby pledge and swear that I will resolutely break off all unfair male-female relations with Huang, Yang, Shen, Tang and Deng. Guarantee to do so, no longer with their phone, QQ, Wechat, SMS, room opening and all other contacts, no longer with any women in the future have an unfair relationship. I hope my wife believes in my determination this time. Quzhong Asia. On 20 July.”
The guarantee appeared online on August 3. The person named Yafu in the screenshot is Quzhongya, the 51-year-old president of the Second Court of Criminal Justice of Yongzhou Intermediate Court. More than a month ago, he was appointed to the post by the Yongzhou People’s Congress. Previously, he served as director of the Bureau of Letters and Visits of the Court for many years. During his tenure, the petition work of Yongzhou Intermediate Court rose from the penultimate ranking of the provincial Intermediate Court to the forefront of the province.
The “no room” guarantee is like a bomb, which is reprinted crazily in the social media. But the Yongzhou Intermediate Court in the center of the whirlpool is another view.
Zhang Hui, a longtime colleague of Qu Zhongya and judge of the Environment and Resources Court of Yongzhou Intermediate Court, said that his first reaction when he saw the post was, “It’s a joke,” because “Lao Qu can’t have such a thing for so many years as our colleagues. Others are relatively simple. He is not polite to other women at ordinary times, and he has been very kind to his wife. Love, walking hand in hand.” As more and more posts were forwarded, Zhang Hui thought, “Is there anyone who deliberately smeared judges and attacked retaliation?”
As a party to the incident, Qu Zhongya received a telephone call from the hospital on the afternoon of August 3, and only then learned that he had become the focus of public opinion.
Quzhongya shows his wife with a machete before she writes a pledge. Pengchao journalist Tan Juntu
“At that time, the whole people were confused.” Quzhongya recalled to reporters. He said there was a reason for the aforementioned guarantees – it was July 20, 12 days ago, during a fierce quarrel, when his wife pressed each other with a knife, and he wrote exactly what she meant, “She read a sentence, I write a sentence.”
“You know she’ll get online, and I won’t write if she kills me.” Quzhongya said he apparently overestimated his wife’s emotional self-control.
Quzhongya’s wife He Yongmei (a pseudonym) is 48 years old. She worked in a mine health office in Dongan, Yongzhou. In 2008 or so, she gave up her job and went home to teach her husband and son.
In the opinion of many colleagues in Quzhong Asia, the couple in Quzhong Asia are very emotional. Quzhong Asia seldom goes to the court canteen, but eats at home every meal. My colleagues who have joined Quo Zhongyaweixin have found that most of the content published by Quo Zhongyaweixin’s circle of friends is a happy scene of couples holding hands with each other.
He Yongmei said that after the couple lived together, their husband cooked three meals a day carefully by himself, and they tacitly understood the degree of “when he put his chopsticks away, I knew I would take a paper towel, sweep his eyes, and I immediately handed the water cup”.
But Qu Zhongya felt that in recent years, his wife has become more and more jealous. When he receives any phone call at home, she will listen to her ears. When she hears the voice of a woman, she will be very nervous. She will “interrogate” carefully afterwards.

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