Black Monday

Summer hot and humid summer wind has not yet blown out, along with the continuous autumn rain, the new semester has quietly arrived.
When school began, the students carried their familiar schoolbags and set foot on a new starting point. This semester we have changed a new campus. Although it is not as good as our campus last year, it is clean, beautiful and well equipped, but more human. Walking into the campus, you can see a black statue. It turned out to be Tao Xingzhi, a great educator. There is a big pool in the campus. It’s deep and big. There is a huge rockery in the middle. There are four big characters on a rock of the rockery: harmony but difference. There are also dozens of red goldfish, white carp and big eye fish in the pool, which attracted many students to watch. In addition, many flowers and plants and many towering trees are planted on the campus.
Our classroom is located on the third floor. It’s an old teaching building. The paint on the doors and 广州桑拿 corridors has fallen off, the windows of the classroom can’t be closed, and the blackboard can’t be wiped clean. When we came to the classroom the first day, we were shocked: there were some desks, chairs and benches scattered in the classroom, but fortunately the school changed them into new ones. The ground was covered with floating earth and newspapers, and some people complained directly that it was like a slum! It took us a lot of effort to clean it up.
The expected first day of school, after cleaning the classroom and distributing textbooks, finally arrived. The old class told us that our math teacher, geography teacher and biology teacher had changed this semester. At the same time, we added a physics class and an additional physics teacher. So it made the students feel very fresh and guessed each other about the new teacher. The most interesting thing is the physics teacher, for this new curriculum, we all have different feelings, perhaps excitement, expectation, fear, and fear. Finally, the physics teacher walked into our classroom after the bell rang.
This is a female teacher. She looks 深圳桑拿网 very young. She is over thirty years old. But when she spoke, we were shocked. The teacher waited for the students to calm down, then began to speak: “Hello, everyone, from today on, we will learn a new course, that is physics. And let me be your physics teacher. First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My surname is Chen. My teaching age is 30 years. That is to say, I have taught for thirty years…”
There was an uproar below. Unexpectedly, the teacher looks very young, but has taught for 30 years. Is Mr. Chen at least fifty years old? I heard the girl at the same table and behind whisper, “What secret formula does she use to keep her face?”
After everyone had calmed down, Mr. Chen began to speak in a leisurely manner. Sure enough, she is a high-level teacher. Teacher Chen once brought out the gold medal winner of the National Physics Competition. Her students also became doctoral tutors. It’s a world full of peaches and plums, and each one is better than the other. This makes us respectful: such a teacher who has rich experience and has brought out high-level students, follow her, right!
Then, Mr. Chen returned to the truth and formally began our first physics class. Mr. Chen first hit the nail on the head, asked us what physics is, and then made a few experiments for us: for example, boiling water bottles will boil again after pouring cold water; table tennis balls will be put in funnels, and then blow into funnels, table tennis ball will not fall down; an empty test tube will be placed a little bigger than 桑拿佛山 it (just can). Install) in the test tube filled with water, and then stand upside down. We see that with the discharge of water, the empty test tube keeps rising… This series of magical phenomena fascinated us and led us to the magical physical world. At this time, Mr. Chen smiled and gave the answer: Physics is the science of force, electricity, sound, light, heat and other phenomena. At the same time, he gave several examples.
Then Mr. Chen asked us what is the key to learn physics well. In fact, the answer lies in our textbooks, which also becomes the learning purpose we should remember: good at observation, willing to start, diligent in thinking, focusing on understanding, integrating with reality, and connecting with society.
Soon, the physics class was over, and we still felt uneasy. The bell rang after class.
After a day’s study, we carried our schoolbags out of the school gate. That was the end of the first day of school. This is not just a simple day, but the beginning of the new term, a new starting point, a new runway waiting for us. Come on! Students, let’s embrace the new semester with enthusiasm!

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