He’s summer and summer, and I’m autumn.

From childhood, I avoided the word father. My mother always told me that my father was irresponsible. I also came to my grandmother’s house with my mother when I was young. I also had a 桑拿佛山 kind of disgust to my father. I don’t understand why I should be different from other children. I have been trying to study hard to cover up the loss in my heart. Everyone always thinks that I am happy. Only I know the sadness in my heart.
I heard that when I was young, my father and mother quarreled, causing a “war”, and the result was separation, although nominally husband and wife, but the distance was separated by a galaxy. Every time I heard about it, I always disdained it and thought to myself, “Both of them belong to cattle. They are cowlike tempers. Why should they be together? Without me, my mother would not have been so hard.
Later, my father took the initiative to bow his head, and my mother and I returned to the “home” where the family finally gathered together, but I had no feelings for it. Father is indeed old, the original black hair a few more gray hair, the original stubborn face a little more gentle, there are also some more beard on his face.
I had some resistance to my father, and my mother’s education made me feel that he was an absolute villain. Faced with him, I always looked at him coldly.
Mothers and fathers are fierce and fierce. Every time I go home, I will inevitably quarrel. Most of it is about money. I can’t help feeling vulgar. Mother was there to take care of others. 深圳桑拿网 Mother always said that others were wrong and felt that she was right. Father’s Young Mania was gradually buried by the years, his edges and corners were slowly flattened. He smoked and watched TV as if he hadn’t heard it.
I began to feel that I was not the same person as my mother, maybe a little like my father.
Finally, my mother’s voice began to fade down. I saw my father say to me helplessly, “Oh, that’s what your mother is like.” I laughed, and I began to feel that my father was tolerant, and I could not bear it. I began to think that maybe my subconscious dad wasn’t like that.
The night before he went out to work, he said to me, “Daughter, I’m leaving.”
“Well, then?” I looked at him.
He said, “You have to work hard, you always fall off at the end of the term, to overcome the fear of heights.” You have to take good care of your mother, although sometimes she has a bad temper, she will pass away with patience.”
My nose was sour, I nodded, sat down to do my homework, so that he could not see my face, think carefully, in fact, my father was quite good.
When I was in elementary school, I went to composition training, that is, he accompanied me, without him, I could not write that “Happy Feeling Good”. My youth was frivolous, I immediately saved a first prize information in the draft box, the object of sending was him. Although the final result is the second prize, it is very good. I was the first to share the news with him. He laughed at me as a “talented woman”.
Later, he was always kind to me, but I didn’t see it until someone said it. Maybe this is the “authorities fans, bystanders clear” bar!
At that time, I was always silent, always 广州桑拿 looking at the sky at night, he found my difference. He looked at me, his eyes were full of care, his eyes were no longer clear, maybe the reality broke the wings of imagination, maybe experienced vicissitudes of life. He said to me, “You have to learn to come out on your own and find more friends. They are your strength. However, it’s mainly your heart that needs to come out! “

We are all one person and another person, and the wall of time slides from their shoulders to our side. No matter what their parents do, they all love us. The motivation for their work is children. He made my summer beautiful, even though I’m already in autumn…

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