The 315 party

Today is March 15, the National Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Day. In the afternoon, Mr. Wang told us, “There’s a 3. 15 party at CCTV tonight. Please watch it on time and write down your feelings.”
When I got home, I finished my homework early. Less than eight o’clock, I prepared paper and pens, sat in front of the TV, and waited for the party to begin. I think this evening party, like the Spring Festival evening party, will have many good programs.
But after the party started, it was totally contrary to my imagination. Not only are there no literary and artistic programs, but there are few songs and dances. From beginning to end, it’s basically the presenter who makes the introduction and plays the video. From the introduction of the host, I know that the theme of tonight’s evening party is: healthy order, healthy life.
At the beginning of the evening, host Li Yong introduced many cases of drug poisoning to us. He told us that we should not abuse antibiotics, or it would endanger our lives. From the video broadcast on TV, I saw that two girls, Zeng Qian and Liao Dongdong, had become deaf and mute disabled due to the abuse of antibiotics. Another girl, whose hand was necrotic due to improper use of antibiotics, was amputated and almost died.
Another example is that people often receive text messages on their mobile phones, saying that you won the prize. The prizes are notebook computers, color TV sets, refrigerators and so on. They are worth tens of thousands of yuan. My mother often receives such messages on her mobile phones. But my mother said, that’s deceptive, where are so many good things? But at today’s party, I saw a lot of people were cheated, cheated a lot of money, and some people bought their TV sets at home. This story tells us: there is no free rice in the world, and there is no pie falling from the sky.
There is another example, which teaches me the most. It is said that there is a middle school student in Ankang, Shaanxi Province. His name is Zhang Haofeng. He is 17 years old. He studies very well. He not only writes well, but also writes poems. But because he is addicted to playing computer games, he often plays games in the Internet cafe and does not go home. He plays during the day and at night, and finally dies tired in the Internet cafe. When I heard his mother crying on TV, I felt terrible. I will absorb this painful lesson and firmly refuse to play games in Internet cafes.
In addition, at today’s evening party, the state also announced two regulations: first, no pharmacy, no doctor’s prescription, resolutely can not buy antibiotics from people; second, all Internet cafes, resolutely can not be opened to minors under the age of 18. The party also announced the report telephone 12315 to the people, everybody reported at any time.
By watching the party today, I got a lot of education. I think for our pupils, we must learn these lessons and be able to control ourselves. When you are sick, you should go to the hospital to see a doctor first, don’t take medicine indiscriminately; don’t play computer games frequently, let alone go into Internet cafes; don’t be greedy for small things, not your own things, and firmly not to, in case of being deceived. Only in this way can we live a healthy and happy life.

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