Learn to be grateful

We grow up like seedlings day by day, while our parents grow old like trees day by day. Parents love us priceless, but we do not understand and cherish. Did you ever think that parents are working for us all the time? Didn’t parents work for us? Parents often said 广州桑拿 to me to be grateful, but at that time I was a young child, how can I understand the meaning of the word “gratitude”? For my young heart, I really did not have and never had the words of parents. To have a good understanding and experience. I remember one morning when I woke up at 7:30 because the alarm clock was broken. I got up and complained, “Didn’t you set the alarm? What’s the matter? Look, what should I do now?” My mother did not say a word, cooked a meal in silence and told me to eat.
“How else? Didn’t you see it was too late?” I said more angrily. After that, I took five yuan with me and took a taxi to school. When the first lesson was not over, my stomach rebelled, and after class, when I just walked out of the classroom door and was worried about my hunger, I suddenly saw a familiar and tired figure, Mom! She was carrying breakfast and handing it to me panting. “I have to eat breakfast in the morning. Look, are you hungry? I asked for leave 深圳桑拿网 for fear that you might be hungry.” I inadvertently “oh” a sound, grabbed breakfast, wolfed down to eat. I inadvertently thought of my mother’s words, she was delayed to work for me! I looked at my mother, she was looking at me with gentle eyes. I paused for a moment. I could not help thinking of my mother’s care and care for me on weekdays. At that moment, my heart suddenly understood a lot, as if it had become a small adult.
At this time, I suddenly understand: whether parents fight or scold, is concerned about love, is to educate us. Our reward to our parents is that we keep crying when we are young, that we break people’s glass when we are naughty, that our parents are responsible for it, that we make them anxious and uneasy when we count down the exam, that our parents apologize for us when we fight with our friends… Every time parents worry about us. Parents don’t owe us. Why should we let them worry? Why should we make them sad? Why should we let them bear our mistakes? Right! Why should I let my mother drag her tired body to school? She has to go to work, cook, sweep the floor, tidy up the room every day… And I want it like a debt collector. How hard is it for my parents to earn money? Why do I treat my parents like this?
Why don’t we use our spare time to help them clean their rooms and do some housework? They don’t make money for us yet? We can’t repay, we don’t know how to treasure and repay, and we keep making trouble for our parents. Are we too selfish? I choked and said “Thank you!” when my mother left tired and tired. At that time, 桑拿佛山 I suddenly felt a sense of guilt surging into my heart, with a sour nose… But at that moment, I knew what I should do for my parents, because I didn’t want to be an ungrateful person! Since that time, I have often cleaned the room, washed the dishes, did the housework as much as I could, poured tea for my parents and poured tea on my back. Since that time, I have learned to be grateful. Time will not wait for others. Don’t wait until you know how to be grateful. Maybe your parents were gray at that time. Maybe you had no chance at that time.

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