Mr. Lin

What is the relationship between teachers and students? As the name implies, it is a kind of friendship between teachers and students. They get along like friends, teach like teachers, and are as close as family members. But it does not include what people 桑拿佛山call “love between teachers and students”.
In my student career, I have taught my teachers, there are countless? But I was most impressed. The only one that affected me most was Mr. Lin Yaling. I remember that our first meeting was not at school, but at a nearby fast food restaurant.
At that time, I was standing in line in the ordering area of the fast food restaurant, preparing to order. The Petite teacher Lin was behind me. She had a baby face and made me mistake her for my age. I saw that the queue was still very long and it would not be our turn for a while and a half. So I leaned over and talked to her. 桑拿广州In our conversation, he told me that he was a new teacher from our school. I didn’t believe him at that time, and laughed at her exaggeration. She just smiled helplessly and shook her head.
The next day, when I got to school, I went straight to my class because I was late again. As soon as I arrived at the door of the classroom, I stopped, tidied up my appearance and knocked gently on the door. In the whole process, I bowed my head. Only after Mr. Lin said “Please come in”, did I raise my head. Only then did I realize that the “students of the same age” I met yesterday was really a new teacher from our school. I think the teacher has such a good temper. It seems that this year’s Chinese class will be easier.
How to know, things are often unexpected. Teacher Lin did not adopt free-range education for the bad students in our disciplined teachers’mouths. Instead, she encouraged us to follow the good path. He said to us, “Teachers hope that you will not abandon yourselves even if you don’t study well. If you don’t know anything about your schoolwork, you can ask me, and don’t disappoint your parents’expectations of you.”
After listening to his words, I suddenly felt a trace of emotion in my heart: for three years, those teachers have either adopted free-range education or whipping education for us, and naturally we will have rebellious mentality. It seems that the teacher is somewhat different. After that, I try to get to school on time every day, and I don’t play computer games at night. I listen to classes carefully in school. 深圳桑拿网I have some problems that I don’t understand. I also go to the office to consult Mr. Lin. Because I have wasted three years of schoolwork, there are many problems that I don’t understand in my schoolwork. But Mr. Lin didn’t show impatience, instead, he taught me tirelessly. This action made me feel that Mr. Lin’s friendly attitude towards us was sincere.
After teacher Lin’s patient teaching, my achievements have made remarkable progress. Without teacher Lin’s patient teaching, my achievements have made remarkable progress and are no longer hovering at the edge of passing. Mother was also very gratified to see that I did not play computer games in the evening and that my grades had improved. She also made a special phone call to express her gratitude to Mr. Lin. On Teacher’s Day, my classmates and I prepared a bunch of carnations and a big cake for the teacher, because the teacher cared about us like our mother.
I think, after graduation, I will always remember Mr. Lin.

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