My mother

Childhood – Nanny
“Wow, it’s fragrant!” When I came home from school, I smelled a smell of fried chicken. Sure enough, there was a bowl of yellow, crisp and fragrant fried chicken wings on the table. I could not help running over, stretching out the Wuzhishan, pinching up a chicken wing and eating it. My mom came out of the kitchen and was so angry and funny to see me with such a greedy mouth. I was asked to wash my hands. When she saw that my fingernails were very old, she could not help but blame me me, “When I was ten years old, I didn’t pay attention to hygiene, so I cut off my nails!” After dinner, I stretched out a long loaf, sat on the sofa and stretched out my hand and asked, “Mom, you cut my nails.” My mother reluctantly counted me on her mouth, but in action she had already sat down and started cutting my nails. “Mom, sharpen my nails once more.” Having just solved the “hands-on project”, I put my foot on her leg again. I can’t help it. I’ve solved these stinky feet together, boy! I secretly laughed at the mouth of the knife in my heart, and the mother of tofu heart certainly muttered in her heart.
Oh, mother – my dear nanny, it’s really comfortable to be with you!
On Earth – Friends
“Sister, don’t move! Money or death?” I wear a towel, a bath towel, a submachine gun on my shoulder, and a “AK-47” rifle on my mother’s arm. Who knows my mother wants money to kill her? She would rather put it on the muzzle of my gun than pull out a penny! How can I get it? I have to lose, depressed! One day, I will leave my hair for many days and put on some gel, hair gel or something to make an explosion. In front of my mother, squinting small eyes and humming “Chrysanthemum is disabled, full of wounds –” I feel very “Jay Chou”. But my mother looked at me coldly for a long time, rewarded me with a punch and threw a sentence: “Brother, you went to the wrong door, this is not Zhou Fu, I am not Jay Chou’s mother!” I can’t help spraying food!
Alas, alas, alas, Mom – my lovely friend, it’s so happy to be with you!
My University – Teacher
“A, look at the Happy Dictionary!” I was thinking about the six sides of the Rubik’s Cube in my room, and my mother called me in the living room. She’s going to test me as a “scholar”. On TV, Wang Xiaoya’s topic is really strange, such as “Where does the Yangtze River originate – Kunlun Mountain and Tanggula Mountain?” I grabbed the first chance, Tanggula Mountain! My mother is expressionless: “The energy below is non-renewable – water, wind, oil?” I said lightly, “Oil!” With some laughter on the corner, I became more and more proud, but this question: “Who said the phrase:” Looking at the past sages and homes, thrift and luxury are the reasons for frugality?”- Zhang Ji, Zhang Jian, Sima Qian, Sima Guang.”I will not. I look at my mother with the remaining light of the corner of my eye. She has already given the answer with success: “Sima Guang”. The old man on TV chose Sima Qian, but she was very anxious. Fortunately, Wang Xiaoya let the water go, the old man passed the customs, and my mother gave her a sigh. Ah, ah, mama, my dear teacher, with you, I can really learn knowledge!
Mom, I really like to be with you. You accompany me in this life and I accompany you.

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