A military training

On the morning of May 26, we got on the bus with excitement and prepared to go to Yinpingshan Base in Dongying for a three-day training.
After more than two hours, we arrived at the training base. When I got out of the car, I looked up and exclaimed, “Wow.” The mountains here are so heavy that they seem to be covered with a thin white veil. It really feels like I don’t know the true face of Lushan Mountain. But time waits for no one, and the instructor waits for no one. If I look at the scenery for a while, I’m afraid my buttocks will be uncomfortable. So I quickly put on my military uniform, packed my luggage and went to the rostrum for the opening ceremony at a crisp pace.
After lunch and nap, the first activity was carried out: “Aladdin Lamp”. The instructor first told us the story of Aladdin’s lamp. Then he wrote all the names on the paper. Then he drew lots one by one. Whom you drew is your master. You have to do three meaningful things for him. My master is Yang Jiaming, and I have done three meaningful things for him. Therefore, my heart is full of sweetness.
The first day of training was soon over. I went back to my dormitory, played with my classmates for a while, and soon fell asleep.
The next day, with the sound of a horn, I slowly got up, arranged the sheets, and after breakfast, we began quality training. “Stand up!” “Slightly rest!” “Stand up!” “Crouch down!” “Stand up!” After countless quality training, we all sweat, backache and pain, complaining for days, alas, who told us not to exercise at ordinary times? It’s really a gain! In the afternoon, we launched a “soldier raid” campaign. In training, our class is lazy and idle, and we still want to be the first, but in the end, we really got a first, but it’s only the reciprocal, but I learned a truth from this score: if we want to get the first, it’s not just wishing, we must continue to train, otherwise, the number will always be empty the next day! _ I feel a lot, a day like this does not know not feel the past.
Finally, on the third day, today is both happy and sad. Why is it so contradictory?
I’m happy because today I can finally finish my training and go back to my warm home. And sad, want to know? Then look down!
Flood decisive battle began, this is a training for us to feel life, although the scene is virtual, but the emotion is real. There was a group of children in a mountainous area. One night, when the flood suddenly came, the teacher went out. The children didn’t know what to do. The situation was urgent. The children had to block the water with sandbags. Who could move the 30-kilogram sandbags? At first, the students all scrambled to say it, but we had to screen out two brave ones. Team members, in the end, the arduous task fell on the shoulders of two dare-to-die players, Peng Junhe and Ho Bokai. They ran thirty times with sand belts, and by the time the water was stopped, the two of them had bravely “sacrificed”. Teachers took off their hats and let them go where we could not see them. At that time, we all shed tears and looked back. Even Lin Jiahao, the “troublemaker” in our class, was quietly wiping his tears in private. It was really “farewell three days, treat each other with eyes.” The water, rising higher and higher, there was no other way, boy. The children had to climb up to the roof, but the house was made of bamboo. They couldn’t bear the weight of the children. They had to jump into the water. This meant that they might face death. Finally, five more children died. We wept again. Finally, the lifeguards came, but the lifeboat had only five seats and only five children could survive! After selection, five lucky people survived. Well, wipe your tears, start all over again, no matter what you did wrong before, now everything starts all over again! “Don’t let the people who love you suffer any more!” I used to think that parents were too nagging, now I know how precious the original nagging is, how much parents love you! Life is so precious! Quarrel over trifles, because others love you!
Although this military training is very tired, but I think it is very valuable, because I learned a lot of things, and these things are not learned in the classroom, is the so-called “life is like a play, want to perform this play well, the key is to see the director of the play – yourself!”

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