Perceptions in Life

After reading the book “Building New China”, I fell into deep thinking: over the past 60 years since the founding of New China, great progress has been made in national construction, military strength, international status and people’s lives. Over the 11th Five-Year Plan and into the 12th Five-Year Plan, the motherland is developing like a high-speed train. Whether urban or rural residents, life has greatly improved. No, I’ll tell you.
On the morning of the 30th lunar year, we put up Spring Festival couplets and went to Grandma’s house for lunch. Although it was less than 100 meters away from Grandma’s house, Dad also drove there because there were too many things for Grandma and Grandpa during the Spring Festival. I could not carry them with my parents. There were boxes of white wine, beer, drinks and new clothes for Grandma and Grandpa.
Before entering Grandma’s house, she smelled a pungent fragrance. Opening the door, a full table of dishes broke into my sight. There were roast chicken, roast meat, sauced beef, squid, knife fish, fried squid, roast sausage, jelly, fried shrimp, mushrooms, cauliflower, fried garlic, all twelve dishes. Grandma was still busy in the kitchen.
To tell you the truth, usually fish and meat eat a lot. Today, such a big table, grandparents, parents and five of us how to eat, are full and a little tired. Grandma also brought me vegetables to eat. When everybody put down their chopsticks, I hastened to join the ranks of cleaning the table. Looking at so many leftovers, Grandma shook her head with joy and said, “In the past, I never dreamed of so many delicious dishes.”
Talking about the changes in life, Grandma always talked endlessly: “In the past, poor living conditions, low family income. Children wear small clothes for older children, and older children wear ragged clothes for adults. When the clothes are broken, they can be mended and repaired. A single dress can be worn for two generations. Grandpa also quickly interrupted: “My pants when I married your grandma are still borrowed!” Grandma pulled back a handful of Grandpa continued: “The natural disasters of 1959-1962 in three years, the wild vegetable on the mountain were all digged up, and even some bark were picked up and eaten, which can not eat steamed bread, the New Year also had to spend money to buy meat. 。 In the past, there was no telephone, and even letters were not common, let alone e-mail. If relatives went to a distant place, they would not contact each other for a long time. Your grandfather married a house and owes more than 800 yuan debt. Your grandfather worked in a factory for 33 yuan, 5 months and a month, earning more than ten years. Pigs fed fat and hurriedly sold money to pay their debts. Every day he got up and worked in the mountains every day. When your father and you were so old, the electricity was on in the village…
Grandma stopped, and suddenly said with a big smile: “You see how good it is now, society is progressing, dumplings and other things have become a regular meal, clothes are also changed. If you want to make a phone call, your grandfather bought a bicycle when he went to work, and your father bought a motorcycle when he went to work. When you were two years old, our family bought a car. What a great change!
Indeed, in the 63 years since the founding of New China, earth-shaking changes have taken place. For example, transportation, bicycles, which used to be very few, are now very common, and even cars have entered the homes of ordinary people. In the city, the highways, the complicated viaducts, the colorful neon lights at night and the dazzling commodities in the supermarket are all in sight. China has also made great breakthroughs in science and technology: Yuan Longping’s hybrid rice, manned space flight, space walk, nuclear power plant, lunar exploration project, Jiaolong.. People’s living standards have been greatly improved. They live in reinforced concrete houses and enjoy the medical security provided by the state. The Internet, mobile phones, computers and 3D TV have entered the homes of ordinary people. People’s cultural level has also been greatly improved. The nine-year compulsory education implemented by the state has given many poor students valuable opportunities to learn cultural knowledge. The state also provides economic assistance to the poor and affordable housing for the people who do not have housing. Military power has also been greatly enhanced. What a huge leap from a small country without a voice to a permanent member of the United Nations!
Looking at the ever-changing motherland, I feel how important the mission of our generation is. The prosperity and strength of our motherland is shouldered by our generation. We are the hope and future of our motherland. Therefore, I will work hard to learn scientific and cultural knowledge and contribute to the motherland in the future. Today, we are proud of our motherland. Tomorrow, let our motherland be proud of us.

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