Sweeping Graves at Qingming Festival

Qingming Festival, one of the eight festivals in China, began in the Zhou Dynasty, has a history of nearly 2500 years. In the days of the Qingming Dynasty, people would sacrifice their ancestors, sweep their graves and pray for their ancestors, hoping that they would be better in another world.
Of course, there are ancestors in every family, and our family is no exception. On the day of Qingming Festival, I got up early in the morning, and a few rays of sunshine penetrated the small window into my house, which was very beautiful and dazzling. I got up from bed and ran to the window. I saw a few red clouds on the horizon, such as a embarrassed little girl, with a red face and a sneaky laugh. I was immersed in the beautiful scenery. From time to time, a few girls dancing on the side appeared to perform for me, and my heart was full of joy. Suddenly, a “son” pulled me back from the fantasy world, which made me feel a little frightened and surprised from time to time. “Mom! What’s the matter? It scared me!” she answered, “Today is Tomb Sweeping Day. My grandparents and I are going to visit Xinzheng to sweep the tomb. Are you going or not? I am glad to say,”I’m going, what a fine day today!”After my consent, my mother called her aunt again. After more than an hour of chattering, we set off at nine o’clock sharp.
It wasn’t that simple. On the highway, we were stuck in traffic and had to wait. Finally, after an hour and a half of rushing, we finally came to Xinzheng for grave sweeping. Under the guidance of my grandfather, my mother drove her car trembling to my grandmother’s grave. Then an unfortunate news came to my ears. Grandma said, “It’s not good for children to sweep the grave, let adults go!” Suddenly, I got angry and thought, “Driving for so long, finally arrived, and you didn’t let me go, what’s the meaning?” But I’m quick-talking, but only three or four adults! Alas! I had to take my sister to play in the vegetable field. So I took my camera in one hand and my sister in the other and went to the field.
The fields are full of wheat, which is not ripe yet, but they are all very tall and about 30 centimeters long, like the tail of a monkey, bending and warping. In this endless field, there are sisters, I, and the spots. What about all kinds of insects, butterflies dancing, stinking dung beetles, spotted ladybugs and beautiful nameless birds (actually I don’t know), who enjoy spring sunshine and soft land with my cousin. At this time, a golden place appeared in the distance, approached, it turned out to be a rape flower field! I can’t wait to think about the past, but a ditch in the middle blocked us, so my sister and I “trekked mountains and rivers”, the insects followed us, came there together. My sister and I lay there, feeling the sunshine, the fragrance of flowers, the smell of insects, and the hope of life. Unconsciously, half an hour later, we should go. I reluctantly want to take a picture of nature. Those insects made us all. I took a picture of nature and people’s family with them.
The morning passed, I was reluctant to leave from the beginning, although there was no tomb-sweeping, but I commemorated the beautiful nature that the city did not have, this trip, I did not come in vain.

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