Grandpa’s Patriotism

Home, is a warm place, the country, is composed of tens of millions of families, we grew up in a large family. It teaches us a lot of things, not only that, but it’s also our safe haven. We have no reason not to love it. My grandfather is a person who loves it deeply.
I grew up listening to grandpa’s stories, which happened before I came into the world. What my grandpa said made me learn a lot and understand a lot of truth.
Grandpa was very kind to us, and hardly ever scolded us, but when he met something, he would quickly change his face, such as wasting food. When I was young, I would leave some rice grains in my bowl after eating. At this time, Grandpa would look at me unhappily: “Ah Qi, eat up the rice, it’s too wasteful.” And I will obediently finish the meal I left behind. As for why I didn’t eat it before Grandpa spoke, I think it was fun.
When I was older, I learned to refute Grandpa. As soon as Grandpa said me, I would return to him, “Why not?” I left a little and it was okay. “You!” I laughed at Grandpa’s way of saying things and stopping. Then I went to see the cartoon.
In the evening, Grandpa took me upstairs to sleep. I ran to bed at a high speed, turned on the fan, lay down and waited for Grandpa to tell me a story. Grandpa went to bed and tightened the mosquito net before lying down.
Then Grandpa began to tell a story: “You know, Angel, I used to be hungry with your grandmother.” Grandpa looked at me and said, “Why? Didn’t you have anything to eat before?” “Before, didn’t you like this? Food was scarce. Your grandmother and I used to work in the production team. The production team had a lot of work and was tired, but when you were tired, you still had to go on. When it comes to cooking, people are crazy, whether they are pumping water or plowing fields. Grass pullers, vegetable mowers, fertilizers, all put down their work, a honeycomb of people poured into the dining hall. Grandpa had closed his eyes, as if in the whirlpool of memories. I asked curiously, “Hey, don’t they wash their hands? Why are they so anxious? Did they go late without food?” “Can they not be anxious? At that time, the production team had so few meals that it was very good to get food. Those who didn’t get food could only be hungry. When we got the meal, your grandmother and I drank the soup and left the rice for your uncle to eat, though. Well, your old uncle ate only a spoon of rice.” When Grandpa finished, he shut up. “Grandpa, do you think I can go back to the past?” I asked this question when I hadn’t heard Grandpa continue talking for a long time. “Of course not, but what are you doing back in the past?” I’m going to take my wasted food to you to eat, so I won’t waste it!”I poked at Grandpa’s stomach.”Not closed, as long as you don’t waste it now.”
Grandpa’s stories taught me why they were hungry and how shameful it was to waste food. Grandpa also loved watching TV about war and scolded the traitors as he watched it. He said that if they hadn’t made trouble here, there would not have been so many patriots sacrificed in China, which showed how patriotic Grandpa was.

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