Mom, I want to tell you

Dear Mom:
As time goes by, more than ten years have passed in a twinkling of an eye. There are many words in my heart that I want to say to you.
First of all, I want to say a kind thank you to you. You have raised me for seven years. During these seven years, you always make my favorite dishes and buy me the most expensive clothes. You always say to me, “Sister! Look at how many hundred dollars your mom spent. Which parent would be so generous? You have to learn to be grateful.” Listening to this sentence, I always nodded slightly.
Mom, do you know? Those expensive things you bought, I can say, are not what I want, I want spiritual comfort, do not need material help.
Do you know that whenever I see other children sick, my mother will care about him and say, “No problem, just give them an injection and take some medicine!” Whenever I see those exams are not ideal, my mother will comfort him and say, “If you don’t do well in the next exam, just try your best!” Whenever I see others being bullied. Negative mom always says to him, “Who dares bully you next time, tell mom, mom will help you to reason!” Whenever I see others frustrated, my mother always says to him: “Everyone has to experience storms and storms, the old saying is good:”How can you see a rainbow without storms and storms? So, as long as you work hard, just pay. Every time I see a child’s birthday, I have my mother’s company and sincere wishes for him. I envy them very much. When I am sick, you don’t comfort me quietly. Instead, you scold me and say, “Look at you, every day, every injection costs tens of dollars.” When my exam is not good, you will always compare me with others and say, “You look like a ghost, and you want to go to high school with this score? No way. Look at other people, ninety or so!” Whenever I am bullied by others, you will always say, “Who calls you?” To provoke others! If you don’t provoke others, others will bully you? You deserve it.”Whenever I get frustrated and difficult, you always say to me,”Do your own thing!”
Whenever my birthday comes, you always forget that my brother reminds you, and there is no sincere blessing. Last year, my brother told you that I am today’s birthday, but you still did not bless me, did not accompany me, just for your own pleasure, just told my sister to buy the tickets of Hanlixuan, my brother and I. I was sad that there were only two people in the restaurant, my brother and I, and I had no appetite to eat. At that time, I thought to myself: Why? It’s not important for you to dance and eat on your annual birthday? Mom, do you know? I wish you could accompany me. My brother and I are really lonely at home. Every day when you come home from school, you are not at home, the family is cold, there is no such laughter, how I hope you can accompany me to eat! Mom, I hope you treat me as a normal person! Please look up to me, believe me! Finally, once again say thank you, I will always remember the grace of your upbringing!
That’s what I want to say to you, my dear mother!

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