Shi En is unforgettable

It’s Teacher’s Day again, and it’s a teenager. I feel more about the kindness of teachers.
Teacher, you are a key in my heart. On the way of growing up, let me open the door of life with confidence and roam in the sea of knowledge. This key allows me to open new knowledge points again and again, this key allows me to open knots one by one, this key allows me to open the door of self-confidence again and again, this key allows me to cross the barriers one after another… This is a magical key, and at this moment, it has opened my heart of deep longing and gratitude.
Teacher, it’s been more than two months since I left you. I’m a junior high school student, but everything in the past is clear to me. I miss you, the six years we’ve spent together, and the happy days.
I can’t forget your tolerance for me. You know I slipped out of the campus to buy snacks with the dead party secretly, but the dead party would rather be punished than betray me, you don’t pretend to know, because I’m a girl. When I clearly saw you teaching the dead party, I looked down with shame in my eyes. I know it’s wrong, sir. You don’t want us to buy snacks at the school entrance shop. You tell us that it’s not good for our health, but we can’t help buying it. So you never tire of telling us about the dangers of junk food.
Teacher, miss you, miss your gentleness, miss your beautiful smile. I remember just wearing a red scarf. For the first time, I took the 200 yuan you gave me and gave it to the director in the teaching building I had never visited. I imagined that it would be stolen by the bad students in the senior grades and I was afraid that it would be lost accidentally. When I am happy to report to you that I have successfully completed the task, you laugh and praise me. Yeah, how many times have you given me self-confidence, trust me, encourage me, and give me opportunities to surpass myself again and again?
Dear math teacher, miss your sharp soprano, miss your high heels, curling into the classroom, miss you angrily say that we are too disobedient, the first time let us tired and dumb voice. How happy we were then, but now we miss your voice so much.
Beautiful and unrestrained English teacher, your fluent English always makes me think you are a foreigner, your tall nose, long golden hair, fair skin, beautiful and dazzling. All our classmates worship you together. Your words are the purport. Your class will never be forgotten. You seldom leave us homework, and we can always give you excellent results. You always laugh brightly and praise us generously, and we always say we like you and praise your new skirt with exaggeration. Really, everything looks good on you. More than once, we have fantasized that you will join us in high school and continue to be our English teacher.
Teacher, with thousands of words, I can’t miss you enough. Your teachings, I have put into my heart folder, every new journey, I will take forward, it inspires me to go forward, never give up.
Teacher, I will never forget your kindness. And I also hope that you will always be so young, always so smart, always so beautiful!
Teacher, this is the teacher, wish you a happy holiday! Wish you happy every day!

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