Winter snow

I will not hesitate to say that winter is the season that I will remember. Because in my memory, what happened in winter is the most emotional, the happiest and the most beautiful.
Everyone’s mind will be at some point, recalling childhood experience, is so interesting and wonderful. Although I have been growing up, I will never forget the story of my father and brother’s snowfight in the winter when the snow was flying in the sky. That was when I was seven years old, during the winter vacation. In the morning, I was reading at my desk. Suddenly, I felt something falling outside. I turned around and saw that it was snow. The snow-white on the ground seems to have changed a new dress for the cement floor, which makes me a little strange. I carefully watched the snowscape also gradually intoxicated in the snowscape, there are countless things I want to say and do in my heart. I don’t know when my father has stood by me. I thought he would blame me me for my homework. I quickly turned my eyes back to the books. At this time, the father said, “Son, is the snow beautiful outside?”. I hardly thought through my brain until my father had finished saying the word “beauty” had already been spoken. Father said, “Let’s go and play in the snow.”
Afterwards, my father took me to call my brother to play outside in the snow. Father said confidently, “Do you have snow fights? Do you dare to play with me? I’ve been playing for decades.” My brother and I answered with one voice, “Come on, who’s afraid of who?” My hands were already “working” in the snow when I spoke, ready to wrap up a big snowball and throw it at my father to let him know what is called “father tiger without dog son”. Father and brother are still dissatisfied with each other, and I am already a strong person, then there is a snowball in hand, the world I feel. Before my father and brother started, my first big white “marshmallow” had been sent to my father’s mouth to let him taste the taste of marshmallow. Looking at my father’s face, I was instantly blown white by my “marshmallow”. At this time, I proudly said, “Haha, Dad, you old hand is just like this, you see, you are not killed by me?” At the moment when I finished speaking, I felt very cold in my mouth. It was my brother who threw a snowball at me. I don’t know when he wrapped it up. My brother was very proud. Looking at his face, it was all white flowers. Then my father was very proud. My “marshmallow” was ready again and thrown away to my father. It was a repeat of the old play. Then my brother threw it back to me. All three of our father’s and son’s faces were white. I’m chasing my dad, and my brother is chasing my dad, too. Now recalling the feeling at that time, our hearts are full of joy and happiness, we let the snow melt in the laughter, but also let us remember in our hearts.
That feeling is real happiness. Winter snow, for me, is an indelible memory; winter snow, for me, is a transition, experience in the experience, we continue to grow; winter snow, for me, is a baptism, always reminds me of its color is white, it gives me a guide to the road is positive energy. Winter snow, winter. I like winter, like winter snow, but I prefer the story that happened in winter, no one can replace it.

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