Silent love

“This home, I will never return!” She grabbed her bag and rushed out of the house without head back…

Walking on the street, the more she wants to be angry, the more she doesn’t test it! The next time I try it! I have been jealous of me. It must be that I am not pleasing to the eye on weekdays! So thinking about it, she secretly made up her mind: Must not go home!

As she walked, she was tired. She sat on the stone along the road and kicked the stone at her feet to pass the time.

It was getting dark, and her stomach began to sing. She looked up and saw that she was crying in the stars she liked on weekdays. Shouting together: “Mom is good, looking for a mother” “Looking for something to find!” She frowned and stood up and scared the cat baby next to her, “Mimi 咕 的” screamed and ran to the cat mother. Snuggled in the arms of the cat mother. This scene touched her heart. Tears fell again and again.

I don’t know how long I cried, she has no tears to flow. At this time, she was tired and hungry and uncomfortable. She suddenly remembered that she had never let him go hungry since childhood. This is the first time in my life to go hungry. He rubbed his dry lips and began to open his bag. Trying to find something that can fill the hunger. In the bag, she found a hundred-dollar bill in the innermost part. She didn’t think much about it. She took the money and walked into the fast food restaurant.

The fast food restaurant has already smashed the clerk and looked at her with a strange look. She was not used to this kind of gaze, and quickly bowed her head and ate it. After she was full, she didn’t want to go out. This is the way to consider this money in the store. Suddenly something jumped into her mind. At that time, the students organized the summer camp activities and the students were enthusiastic to sign up. She is no exception. On the day before departure, her mother began to worry, but she could not eat well and could not sleep well. Mother groaned and said that she would give her a hundred dollars, and she would buy it if she was not used to the summer camp. She refused to wave her hand, and her mother did not mention it afterwards. This is not the style that mother has always been. Is this 100 pieces really my mother afraid that I can’t eat it and secretly give it to me? It must be, except for the mother who will give me money? Hey! Mom, think about me everywhere, but I don’t understand my mother… I think Her eyes were wet, and she stood up and walked in the direction of her home…

She went to the door of the house, took a deep breath, knocked on the door, knocked, did not move; knocked twice, did not move; knocked three times, still did not move. In a minute and a second, her heart is getting colder. Finally, I couldn’t bear it, she rushed out of the house again…

Walking on the street where I was familiar, the wind blew on my face. But more painful than this is her heart. Suddenly, she heard a conversation not to advertise. When I came closer, it was a policeman who was educating her mother, not letting her mother advertise, and her mother, who had been walking on her head, bowed her head. Ah, my mom posted an advertisement. This is her tracing revelation, her heart trembled into her mother’s arms, and her daughter hugged for a long time, her mother cried, and she cried. But they didn’t talk and twitched silently. At that moment, he suddenly understood what true love was.

Some love is invisible on the surface, because they should all be deep inside. This kind of love, if you don’t have a heart, you can’t even feel it. But no sound, no sound, no sound, no matter how small, how precious it is. Because of this silent love, the world will be so beautiful. Let us feel with a grateful heart and a grateful attitude, and cherish this silent love!

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