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On this National Day, my mom and dad returned to my hometown, the home that I have not returned to for a long time. During this holiday, I lived in my home for an unforgettable time.

My hometown is a poetic place. I really like to go to my hometown. My hometown is in Yinfeng 2 Village, Jiangjia Town, Qiandao Lake.

My home has uninhabited mountains, and there are mountains with fruit and fragrance. There are rushing streams and creeks.

There, getting up early in the morning, sitting on the doorstep and looking into the distance, the feeling can’t be described in words. The air is also very fresh, and there is a mixture of plants in the air. In the early morning, the temperature in the countryside is relatively low. Even in the summer, it is necessary to wear a jacket in the morning.

At noon in my hometown, sometimes it is very hot and hot, the sun shines on people, and it is sweating all over, but it doesn’t matter. Although the weather is very hot, it does not affect the stream. The water in the stream is still very cold. People can Jump into the creek for a while, the creek we have is very shallow, so bathing is impossible.

In the afternoon, the creek is also very lively. Our little devils went to the creek to catch fish. The fish, small, only hair is so thin, big, five centimeters long, we will fill the water with the basin first, then start catching the fish, where There are groupers, grandmothers… Small groupers are best caught, but they are also faster and more alert. Every time when we aim at a fish, we can’t see the fish after weaving a ripple. When the ripples are opened, we can go and see, but we don’t see a fish. Their courage is very small, a little bit moving, they flee, and their color is similar to the color of the stone. If they swim fast, they can’t tell which one is stone and which one is fish. Toss for a long time, the fish in the basin is still very few.

On the hills of our hometown, there are many wild animals, which can be called the wild animal kingdom. There are wild boars, wild wolves, wild cats, hares, and many insects. We went to the mountain one day. When we were halfway up the mountain, suddenly there was a wild cat in front. The wild cat was watching us curiously. I wanted to climb up to see what happened. The wild cat left.

My grandmother’s domestic chicken, the egg that is born is so small, like a toy egg, you can boil the egg with one egg from your own home. I see, boiled eggs with the milk eggs of my grandmother’s house. , both are not enough!

My hometown, strange places and things can’t count, I have gone to the grandmother’s house dozens of times, but still can’t see the strange place.

The holiday is over, I have to leave my hometown with my parents, to the city where we live now, I am reluctant to leave my hometown and I am reluctant to leave.

what! I love my home and leave. If there is still a chance, I will come back again. The old home is beautiful every year, and the strangeness is in sight. Although it is like this every year, I still love it.

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