My little secret

Everyone has their own secrets in their hearts. Maybe they are distressed, maybe sad, maybe happy, maybe moved… Just like music, euphemistic, the notes in the staff are smart and lively. This is not the transformation of our lives. The treble is a secret…

When I was a child, my mother’s classmates often came to the house to be a guest, so I often went to the streets, and I followed them in the back.

It was a sunny day. I came to the street with my mother, walking, walking, walking… This day, it seems that I am not in a good mood, I shook my head and walked carelessly. Suddenly, I saw a pink-colored purse on the ground with a cute Mickey Mouse: a pair of dark ears, round, like two moldy moon cakes, with crescent moons on both sides. Like black hair, two eyebrows, curved, in a “three” shape, there is a pair of big eyes with sorrows, slightly squatting, revealing a smart and flexible look, a large white on the ellipse The little white point, the mouth is big, there are two small dimples around, very cute! I couldn’t help but pick it up, and measured it up and down, it was a cute little wallet!

When I was preparing to earn my own pocket, I thought it seemed a little bit, so I hesitated, but when Mickey Mouse floated into my mind again, I felt pity, and I watched it with vigilance. Urban management police uncle, otherwise my dream will be lost!”

I was uneasy about stuffing the wallet into my pocket, pulling my mother’s hand and hurriedly fleeing the “live.”

When I got home, I couldn’t wait to open the “Mickey Mouse” that came from the road. I found that there were many “1” dollar coins in it, and there were several photos of a little doll. It seems that this is a little sister. The wallet, my hand is going to the police uncle, otherwise the little sister may cry very sadly for this matter, may have beaten her mother for this matter, and was criticized by her father… “Wow – wow – Wow – “This shrill cry, shocked me, touched my heart!

Taking advantage of my mother’s time to go out for oil, salt, sauce, and vinegar, I was wearing shoes and licking my toes. I slowly opened the door and ran away. I went to the police uncle, and I was out of breath, panting. Gas, blushing, shyly said: “Uncle, I beg you for something, this morning, when I came out shopping with my mother, I got a small wallet, because I like the Mickey Mouse above, so… …so that…so…”


Uncle police, comfort me, said: “My sister is crying, waiting for the old Sun to quickly return it to the owner!” Finished, made a face, made me laugh.

I stopped sobbing, sucked my nose, and flew with “Sun Wukong”, flying also…

Later, with the help of the police uncle friend, I found the owner of “Mickey Mouse”. At this point, I don’t want to mention how happy I am, like eating honey.

Since then, I have become a good friend with Mickey Mouse. I found it more interesting when I was in the same kindergarten. After class, I was stuck with her all day, playing games…

After attending elementary school, she transferred to a field school and never saw her again…

Then, after the teacher’s education, I was deeply touched: I really shouldn’t take other people’s property for myself, which not only makes others inconvenient, but also uses black pens on their colorful personality. On the disgraceful side.

This is a memory of my kindergarten and one of my wonderful secrets in my childhood.

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