The story of a few foxes

The fox family has lived at the foot of a beautiful mountain. There is a waterfall down the hill from the door of the house. The sound of the flowing water has been extended to the distance. There are various flowers and green grass on both sides of the stream. The scenery is pleasant and the air. Fresh, it is glamorous!

Gangzi lives with his father and mother. He grew up from small to large, and the family is happy in this beautiful place. Since the child is the only child in the family, his parents have always been very pampered with him. For a long time, Gangzi has developed some bad habits such as waywardness, greed and selfishness. At first, the parents did not agree with his problems. However, since he grew up, especially after the father became a family, his parents discovered the terrible nature of these problems. However, the character of the child has been finalized. It’s too late for parents to want to discipline.

Just because he likes to sneak out on the outside, Gangzi often goes to a hair salon to cut his head. The reason is that the hairdresser who cut his head for him is very beautiful. His name is 幺幺, 幺幺 is not only long-looking, but also very coquettish. There are unclear relationships with many opposite sex foxes, and the reputation in the outside world is very bad.

However, just because the fox was fascinated by such a fox, and tried every means to get home, the two foxes became formal couples. During this period, the parents of Gangzi also strongly opposed the marriage, but the opposition was invalid. Had to obey the arrangement of the selfish son, knocking on the drums and breaking into the house.

I thought that my son had lost his wife, but I thought about it. Because of the opposition of my father-in-law to myself, I have already hated this matter, and my heart secretly vowed to revenge the old man after marriage. Two.

Therefore, in order to intensify the old couple to be angry, not to be safe, often find excuses, fight with the Gangzi in the middle of the night, and the fighting is very great, just because the players are idle, basically belong to a soft meal, so The practice of the wife is also allowed to do so, so that the original family has become a world of embarrassment. She is more eager to do so.

She quarreled with her husband for almost three days, and her father-in-law who lived next door couldn’t sleep well. She often fell on the table where the family was eating, sore her face, deliberately let her father-in-law eat bad food, and On the occasion of the holiday season, the excuse of the hair salon is much more lively, and I don’t show up at home, and throw all the work of a large stall to the old couple. I have never cooked at home, especially during the holidays. When I get home, I eat ready-made.

Especially after Gangzi and Yu had a little fox, she was too lazy to bring her children and pushed her children to her father-in-law.

In this way, day after day, year after year, the parents of Gangzi are tired of eating and drinking, and the most important thing is to look at the faces of their daughter-in-law, so they are getting thinner. They are getting old, and soon they have fallen ill. Later, they have passed away.

Finally, she was mad at the father-in-law who once opposed her marriage. She was so happy that she began to dress up more glamorously. I didn’t quarrel with my husband, but she and her father hadn’t had a good day. The boy suddenly died one day and died.

This is a dumbfounded, she did not expect her son to leave her when she was so young.

After dealing with the aftermath of the child, it didn’t take long for her to marry her child again because she couldn’t stand the loneliness and loneliness of the long night.

However, she discovered at this time that the current embarrassment is not the embarrassment of the year. She is already old-fashioned. She is too reluctant to ask her for her condition. Too bad, she can’t keep her eyes high. Just one after the other, the years are in a hurry, and the lonely beggar finally enters the old age…

She later became a mother-in-law, and she was not so lucky. Her daughter-in-law was also unethical, her son was not filial to her, she even disliked her, and she was old and ugly. In the end, she was son and daughter-in-law. Driven out of the home, completely became a wanderer who nobody cares…

Finally, in the snow and ice, the sick and sick hustle and bustle curled up in a corner, when she regretted her own practices, a good home, she does not cherish, good happiness, she does not Grasp, now the end of this fall, hehe! In the end, this sinister and insidious old fox closed his eyes forever after a heavy sigh…

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