Still smiling

The winter before graduation, when the semester was almost over, the head teacher took a form to look for beans and said, “According to the regulations, the first three students can be upgraded to undergraduate level. You are going to fill in the form and go to undergraduate level next semester.” Bean was a troublesome autumn, an inattentive boyfriend who had been in love for many years had been hooked away. He was washing his face with tears all day. How could he have thought about this? He made the biggest mistake of his life in a hurry. “You give it to others, I’m tired of reading and want to go out and make money.” The head teacher happily and quickly retrieved the form, and did not give Bean the opportunity to repent, the class for the quota are scrambled, there are fools do not want.
Six months later, Dou stepped into the door of the provincial Light Industry Import and Export Corporation. When Dou was at school, he got good grades and had a sweet mouth. After the company president saw Dou hosting a program at a party, he told the director of personnel department that she should be settled.
Light industry, also known as beauty company by its peers, has more saleswomen and fewer men. At the Canton Fair, the hall was full of smoke. Everyone called the battlefield of seeing smoke. Eighteen kinds of martial arts were left to you to play, which fulfilled Lao Deng’s words. Whether it was black cat or white cat, it was a good cat that caught mice. The young man of the grain and oil company sweated heavily and the customers were indifferent. The miniskirt of Miss Light Worker here was only slightly lighter, and the customers ran along. Xiao Dai, who is also a master of light industry, has set up the sample cabinet very high. The ladies have to stand on the stool and take up their skirts. When the scenery at the bottom of their skirts drops out, they will take the order. In the eyes of customers, things are almost the same, the price can also be free to talk, under the same hardware conditions, the software environment can be much more important.
There are outside, inside and outside, beans mainly focus on the internal environment, absolutely live with meals. None of the leaders of the Commodity Inspection Bureau, the Economic and Trade Commission and the Finance Department do not know Beans. By category, beans are cunning. Quickly catch up with the snow fox here. It is both witty and tactful to speak. When you see the leader’s sincere worship in his eyes, you are not afraid of nausea or nausea. In fact, Dou hated the three companions to the extreme, and felt that he was low in status, but people can not help but participate in the game and have to abide by the rules. At the dinner table, Dou only advised not to drink, said a few small allusions, together with two paragraphs, the atmosphere on the table was happy and harmonious, and most importantly, Dou’s uncle was the Secretary of the provincial political and legal committees, deputy governor, so all companies have difficulties, most of the beans rescued and succeeded.
Dou’s short-lived love started because of an accident. If there is a quota for foreign trade, it will go very smoothly. Light industry is to do three kinds of products, the quota can be obtained every year is poor. That year, the economic situation slipped, and the company’s task was too heavy, if not get a large quota, the company will be under great pressure. Dou has to go to the director of the Public Relations Foreign Economic and Trade Commission. The first time Dou met a man who was so lustful that he ignored his face, when dancing, the restless hand was swimming around Dou’s chest, making Dou feel like vomiting. As a result, the dance was like a martial arts dance, and both of them were playing Tai Chi pusher all the time. The cowardly face is not the kind of person who pulls his face at once in a fit of temper. It’s hard to stay up until the end. As soon as he gets on the boss’s car, his tears can’t stop sliding, silent, but if spring gushes. The boss kept silent and handed out the tissue until it was used up. Finally, he said, “Forgive my despicability. I’ve survived all the difficulties before. I can do the same without quotas. You don’t want to go in the future.” Just for this sentence, Dou loves him till now.
The next day, the boss didn’t call the beans, so he went alone. Beans were found at their own expense. As soon as he entered the box, he whispered as if nothing had happened. “Don’t call me for delicious food, I have no conscience, Director Liang.” Fortunately, I belong to a cat and come along with the taste.” When eating, the hand was always held by the shit. Since then, as long as the man’s big hand is thick and soft, the beans feel nauseous and vomiting. Bidou recommended them to go to the sauna and get away successfully. When the company succeeded in getting the quota and colleagues hugged the beans, Dou thought that Miss Sauna had a slight advantage in invigorating the economy, whether in foreign trade or domestic trade.
The relationship between Dou and the general manager became delicate. When there were many people, they laughed together. When they were alone, they didn’t know what to say. The silence of the general manager made Dou feel at a loss. He was afraid to look at the thoughtful exploratory vision.
At the end of the year, Dou took the most money in his life, 230,000 year-end prizes and cash. Everyone saw that the beans were carried in a sack. That’s the result of the accounting manager’s show. It’s intended to encourage everyone to work more. Dou feels like a naked monkey. He cooperates with the monkey trickster to show off some of his most popular but disgraceful parts of the audience.
The next day, the manager called Dou to the office, motioned Dou to sit down and said, “You go, with this money, you can do what you want to do.” “Where do you want me to go?” Suddenly, Dou couldn’t restrain his tears. “I didn’t offend you or provoke you. Why did you drive me away?” “This is not for you. I can’t bear to see you go bad. I’ve been here for more than ten years. When I’ve seen enough, it’s lotus flowers. When I walk, it’s lotus root wrapped in mud. First it was a struggle, then it was numbness, and then it was a merger and a joy. I contacted the school for you, but I want you to take TOFEL for yourself, give you three months’leave, and leave when you pass the exam, and don’t come back if you fail. Cats have nine lives, and you have only one chance.
Dou really did not want to pass the exam, preferring to sink himself, let him see more heartache. But they did. Dou hated it so much that he went abroad without saying goodbye.
The boss was even more determined. It was said that he had come to the city where Dou was working, but he neither called nor greeted him. When Dou knew the news and went to the hotel, he was already on his way home. Bean leaned on the door of his room where he had slept for a week, thinking sadly that it was my own passionate act. He didn’t even treat me as a colleague. At least he should greet each other.
When the beans turned to leave, the waiter came to them with white lilies, whose leaves were dried up with pale yellow silk. The beans pulled out the cards, with familiar fonts floating on them, just like the “consent” signed on the invoice.
“Even if the ashes fly out, the laughter will still be there.”

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