Long hair, short hair

Manly waist, long hair fluttering, often a unique symbol of the shape of a young girl, long hair, is how many thousands of girls are popular hairstyle, as a woman, I am the same, like to keep the long black hair Long, and waist is best. Then chic and romantic long hair draped behind him, and then put on a pair of popular high-heeled shoes at the foot, it looks both eye-catching and beautiful.

I almost kept my long hair when I was in my second year of high school, but I was afraid that the teacher at the school would criticize me and always wear ordinary ponytails. I didn’t dare to comb my shawl.

Once, the school literary team organized a drama, I was the most active part of the literary team. Therefore, after careful selection by the captain of the literary team, I quickly stood out among many candidates and became the drama. The heroine, I am very happy, not only because of the problem of being the heroine, but also because the heroine’s dress can be combed and shawl hair, know that the long hair of the shawl is the most desirable head shape at that time, usually I am afraid that the teacher would not dare to comb. Now, I can wear a long shawl on the big stage and enjoy the performance of the audience. You said that I can be upset! I am almost happy to be upset.

However, when rehearsing the drama, I carefully studied the script and found that there is such a lens. That is, a supporting actress with short hair is going to tear the tears of the heroine to make a theoretical shot. God, when I was about to rehearse the play, I was really scared to tell the truth. I was afraid that the short-haired supporting actress would hurt me when I was tearing my long hair.

However, I was afraid of what was coming. In the rehearsal process, the short-haired female classmates did not invest so much, but when it was officially performed, the short-haired girl did not know where to come, so much effort, even in the presence of so many students. The mess that gave me long hair was messy and it hurt me.

“You put too much into it, it hurts me.” During the performance, I quietly said to the other side.

“Don’t invest in it, there must be a acting act in the act.” The short-haired girl couldn’t help but glance at me.

I suddenly had the urge to cry, but in order to complete the performance task, I barely resisted the tears. In the end, under my difficult response, I finally successfully completed the performance task, and our final performance won the stage. Applause, everyone said that our performance was quite successful, especially the short-haired girl who tore the girl with long hair, it was just too realistic.

After the performance, the short-haired girl deliberately found me and asked if I still hurt. I said sorry to me. I was listening at the time. I was really touched by the truth. I also deeply felt that it was not easy to be an actor. I said, “Nothing. Everyone is working, I am not hurting, and we are still good friends in the future.”

Short-haired girls couldn’t help but laugh. We looked at each other for a while and hugged them together.

In the days that followed, my long-haired girl became a very good friend with the short-haired girl, and we became the best member of the school literary team.

Later, as time went by, we gradually grew up and went to different corners of the society. After many years, at a class reunion, I met the short-haired girls of that year. We were excited and hugged together, friendship. Still, the feelings are still strong. The difference is that I have cut off the long hair of the year and turned into a refreshing short hair, while the other party has turned into a long hair from the short hair of the year…

Looking back, we touched each other’s hair, suddenly tears, suddenly choked, hugged again…

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