Remember an autumn games

In the autumn season, we finally ushered in an autumn sports meeting organized by the school.

On this day, the various classes took a neat step. They first passed the podium and were reviewed by the school leaders. We were dressed in neat costumes, and we looked up at the high-spirited pace. The bright red scarf fluttered in the wind. Against the backdrop of the white student uniforms, the highlights are even more fiery, and a red scarf is like a flashing torch, burning hope…

The official competition has begun. Our school has a variety of competitions, including jumping ropes, long-distance running, sprinting competitions, high jumps, standing long jumps, shot put games, and interesting climbing games.

Among these competitions, my favorite is to skip the rope and climb the pole game, just take the jumping rope, because the weight of the small rope is very light, the feeling of jumping is very light, very smart, we enter The small team members waved the small ropes in their hands, one by one like a little swallow who wants to fly high, with youthful vitality and a strong posture, it seems to jump to the stage of life in an instant, On the big stage of life, I will show my hand.

In addition to this project, I am most interested in the climbing competition, because I think this project is very interesting. The long bamboo pole stands in front of the participants, just like a peak standing in front of us, like ready to serve us. Going to climb is very challenging.


With the sound of a whistle, the climbing game officially kicked off, and the small players in the competition were in the scream of cheering, one by one like a naughty little monkey, squatting on a bamboo pole. Holding two small hands and feet, they tried their best to climb up the bamboo poles. Their backs gradually rose upwards and gradually narrowed down in a short time.

Although it seems that they are climbing fast, but in a short time, they have opened the distance. Some of them are about to climb to the top of the bamboo pole. Some climb only under the bamboo pole, but some climb up. The center of the bamboo pole.

But no matter how different the process is, they do the same. They are sweating and fighting hard. The students are constantly cheering for their hard work!

Suddenly, the sports venue shouted and was attracted by this wonderful game.

At this time, suddenly, a small classmate named Chu Ran in our class swayed on the bamboo pole. I couldn’t help but be shocked. Oh, my heart screamed, and I was afraid that it would fall from it.

Sure enough, Chu Ran was almost in danger because he had to pour his hand on the bamboo pole. Fortunately, in the exclamation of some of the same sharp-eyed classmates, Chu Ran finally passed through the difficulties, finally succeeded, and quickly continued to climb upwards.

Because Chu Ran’s movements are extremely flexible, there is a strong foundation in this respect on weekdays, and he has a firm perseverance. In the end, Chu Ran, under the gaze of everyone’s expectation, finally live up to expectations and achieved the grade of our grade group. The champion of the climbing pole competition.

When the classmates of our class saw this result, they immediately boiled up and then thundered applause.

Although this autumn sports meeting has come to a successful conclusion, I have been immersed in the warm atmosphere of the sports meeting. I am a girl who is not very good at sports. Through this sports meeting, I thought that in the future, I will definitely try my best to exercise. In the next sports meeting, we will no longer only be an ordinary spectator, but will become a good entrant in person, send a light for our class honor, and do our part!

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