Denigrate the identity of PLA big V

In 2010, he was wanted by the Public Security Bureau for false reports. He had a fight with Zhao Zhen, a reporter of football, and was stopped by the Jinan Public Security Bureau.
Every PLA soldier is the most lovely person. The security of the country, the happy life of the people and the territorial integrity of the motherland are inseparable from the escort of PLA soldiers.
And those heroes who died for their country deserve more respect from every Chinese.
Recently, CCTV News reported on the five martyrs who died in defending the southwest border of the motherland. The whole country paid tribute to the martyrs and appreciated their dedication to the country.
However, a very small number of people, contrary to justice, publicly insult five PLA soldiers who died on the Internet. He is Weibo big V spicy pen small ball. His real name is Qiu Ziming. He used to be a reporter of the economic observer. , there are many online names such as spicy pen ball, Baiyi river crossing, etc.
After Qiu Ziming’s insulting remarks were exposed, Sina Weibo immediately took action to ban the account for a tentative period of one year. Sina Weibo official said that it would carry out follow-up treatment in accordance with laws and regulations. As of the time of this article, the public security organs did not take measures against it.
From a legal point of view, it is a crime to read more than 4000 insulting posts. First of all, popularize science: before Jiang GE’s mother sued a defendant, it was related to the crime of insulting and defamation, and the reading volume of microblog exceeded 4000.
Qiu Ziming has more than 2.54 million fans on his microblog, and the number of people reading a post of Sui Biao soon exceeds 10000. He insulted the heroes of the blog, the impact is extremely bad, obviously, has constituted a crime.
It’s not that the public security organs are not officials, but that they have not found out yet. This is a matter on the Internet, and the intervention of the public security needs a process.
In addition, this kind of case, in accordance with legal procedures, follows the principle of “investigation after telling”, that is to say, it needs a plaintiff.
Qiu Ziming has a criminal record.
In May 2010, Qiu Ziming, a reporter of the economic observer, got the clue that Wang Bailang, the actual controller of Kane shares, was suspected of embezzling state-owned assets, occupying state-owned land, and laundering the assets of listed companies into personal pockets during the restructuring of Kane group.
Since June 7, 2010, Qiu Ziming, a reporter of the economic observer, has published several articles entitled “Kaien stock reform: the mystery of changing the sky for the sun to be solved”, “Kaien stock re investigation: concealed related party transactions” and so on, aiming at a listed company named Kaien stock in Suichang County, Zhejiang Province, which has aroused widespread concern of the society.
Suichang County police and government officials said on July 3, 2010 that they would continue to investigate Qiu Ziming. On July 23, 2010, they decided to take criminal detention for Qiu Ziming, who was wanted nationwide for the crime of “damaging the company’s business reputation”.
In December 2010, Qiu Ziming was accused of accepting 50000 yuan of bribes, while another official of the economic observer was accused of receiving 800000 yuan, according to the English version of China Daily, which was transferred from Xinhua news agency.
In July 2017, Qiu Ziming had an online fight with another microblog big v. Qiu Ziming publicly attacked Zhao Zhen, a reporter of football newspaper, and the two men arranged to fight to Jinan, which was later stopped by the public security department.
This incident of insulting PLA soldiers has aroused public indignation. It is also hoped that the public security department will intervene in the investigation as soon as possible, give an account to the public, and bring those offenders to justice.