The first voice of a female reporter in blue

On January 23, a Beijing News reporter learned from the Experimental Middle School of Yunnan Normal University that on the night of the hostage taking incident, the school began to provide psychological counseling to students. “I’m fine now, thank you for your concern,” the woman in blue, who negotiated with the hijackers, told the Beijing News
At about 17:00 on January 22, a man injured seven people with a knife in front of the Experimental Middle School of Yunnan Normal University in Kunming, Yunnan Province, and then took a hostage. The suspect was killed by the police on the spot, 7 people were injured and 1 died after rescue.
In the confrontation between the suspect and the police, the blue dress female journalist negotiated with the suspect less than 3 meters away to comfort his mood, which earned time and opportunity for the special police to shoot the suspect. The boy who was always knives to his neck by the suspect, bravely said to the police, “do not come over”.
The community where laiouyang’s family is located is opposite to the Experimental Middle School of Yunnan Normal University. When cycling to the neighborhood, I found that the road was sealed, and the cordon was pulled from the entrance of Yunnan Normal University experimental middle school to the sidewalk of the opposite neighborhood, “a large area in the middle was isolated, and the cordon was surrounded by people.”
Standing thirty or forty meters away from the school, Lai Ouyang saw a man in black sitting at the school gate. In front of him was a boy with half a head short. The man was wearing a black hat, with a knife to the boy’s neck, and a white trumpet in one hand, shouting at the bottom. Less than 10 meters away from the man in black, a man fell on the ground, with obvious blood stains on his body, surrounded by people, looking like he was rescuing.
“Until the hijacker was killed, the knife was on the boy’s neck.” Lai Ouyang felt that the boy was very brave. “When the police confronted the hijackers, I heard the boy say to the police,” don’t come here. “
At 18:40 on the same day, there was a gunshot and the hijacker fell down. Lai euyang remembered that the hijacker’s hat flew out, the boy and the woman in blue ran down, and the police swarmed up. When the police went up, Lai Ouyang also heard some applause.
At the scene, Lai Ouyang saw a woman in blue, kneeling and squatting on the steps at the school gate to negotiate with the hijacker, “she is the closest person to the hijacker, and I also saw that she handed a bottle of water to the hijacker, which may be less than one meter recently.” At that time, Lai thought that he was a negotiator.
A local media reporter in Yunnan arrived at the scene at about 18:00 on the same day. “When I arrived, I just saw her walking up the stairs from the crowd.”
To euyang and the above reporters said that until the gunshot came, the woman in blue had been negotiating with the hijackers in front.
Afterwards, the city channel of Yunnan Radio and television station released the news that the woman in blue, who was 3 meters away from the suspect, was a reporter of “city bar code” column of Yunnan Radio and television station. The robber asked to see the reporter, and must be a female reporter, only 10 minutes. The female reporter who had just received the reporter’s card that day stepped forward.
On the evening of January 22, a Beijing News reporter contacted a staff member of the above-mentioned TV station, who confirmed the incident and said that “she is very brave.”.
Previous media reports, according to Ye Rong, Deputy Secretary General of Yunnan documentary Association, said, “we saw a relatively complete video. The woman is a reporter of Yunnan Radio and television. The suspect was looking for someone to talk to, and she happened to be next to him. In order to stabilize the suspect’s mood, the female reporter kept communicating with him and gave the back swat the opportunity. “
On the morning of January 23, the female reporter in blue told the Beijing News, “I’m fine now. Thank you for your concern.”
Earlier media reports said that female reporters were facing psychological suspect at close range when they opened fire.
Mr. Su, a citizen, told the Beijing news that at about 22 o’clock on the day of the incident, at the entrance of the Experimental Middle School of Yunnan Normal University, there were people lighting candles to mourn the victims. “Those who came from behind also bought flowers, and all of them silently looked at the candlelight.”
After the incident, the school also began psychological intervention. On the afternoon of January 23, a teacher surnamed Duan from the Experimental Middle School of Yunnan Normal University said that on the night of the incident, the school began to provide psychological counseling to all students. “At present, there are special psychological teachers and doctors to provide psychological assistance to students.”
The above paragraph teacher said that the official account number of school has released relevant information and announced the number of psychological counseling hotline service. The Beijing News reporter found that a official account of the WeChat public, named “Yunnan Normal University Experimental Middle School Psychological person”, issued the “Yunnan Normal University experimental middle school psychological consultation hotline service notice” on 23, and announced the number of the psychological counseling hotline.
Another teacher of the psychological hotline said that schools had always had psychological counseling services. “The official account was issued for fear that students, parents and teachers would forget that there was such a channel to guide their minds.”
Suo Peng, Secretary General of the Psychological First Aid Department of the Mental Health Working Committee of the Chinese Federation of social work, and developer of the curriculum system for psychological first aiders, said that in this incident, the wounded and their families were the first level group in the key groups of psychological first aid, while the women in blue, the individuals and their families who had close ties with the first level group, the on-site rescue personnel, survivors, etc It’s the second class.
Suo Peng suggested that the psychological comfort within 48 hours should make the other party feel stable and safe, as well as the normal understanding of psychological stress and physical stress. “Physical contact is very important. Parents can have more physical contact with their children, such as hugging. If they are willing to talk about the scene, they should listen without judgment. If they are not willing to talk, they should not ask all the time, and they should not be forced to express their inner feelings. Diet also needs to be reasonably arranged, and regular life should be arranged to bring them back to their usual state. “
A police officer surnamed Liu, who has been engaged in criminal police work for more than 20 years, said that the police have plans for such incidents endangering social and public security. If such things happen, a surprise working group will be set up. On the one hand, professionals will be arranged to negotiate with the robbers and conduct on-site psychological counseling. On the other hand, personnel will be arranged to subdue the robbers or kill them on the spot. “However, the general situation will not be easily killed, only the emergency, in order to reduce casualties, will make this decision.”
“According to the online video, the robbers were hiding in the corner of the school gate, and the hostages were at least 20 meters away from the police, which was not conducive to the police’s uniform. In addition, in the evening, the place where the incident happened was in the center of the city, there was a large flow of people after school, and there were more and more onlookers. The suspect’s mood may deteriorate, and the time should not be too long. The commander on the scene should give an order after weighing the pros and cons. ” Liu said that only after receiving the command from the commander on the scene can the sniper shoot.
Police officer Liu said that after the scene commander issued a shooting order, the sniper needed to master the specific shooting time and location, so the sniper’s pressure would be great, and the psychological state at that time was very important. After shooting, the sniper also needs to make a report on the use of weapons, and then arrange psychological intervention for the sniper.