Happy half a year

As you all know, there is a happy three miles in Mount Tai. It means that during the arduous climbing, suddenly there is a mountain road up to three miles long. It’s smooth and smooth. It’s very easy to walk up. It’s also very happy. It makes the tired body of the climber relax at once. So it’s called “Happy Three Miles”.
The “Cultural Revolution” is undoubtedly a hard climb, which is far more difficult and dangerous than climbing the southern Tianmen Gate of Mount Tai. I will inevitably become a climber of this revolution. But from the second half of 1966 to the first half of 1967, there was a period of more than half a year, but I felt that although the road under my feet was not completely flat, it was easier to walk up. Although the whole country and the corrections were swept by a tremendous storm, it was still sunny on my head for the time being. After the first dangerous storm, I got a chance to breathe. I was so happy that I was walking three miles of my own happiness.
I only know that some philosophers like to discuss the status of human beings in the universe, which is related to the status of human beings in society. I never cared about my position in society. After liberation, things changed. One political movement after another. In every political campaign, everyone has a position in the campaign. Roughly speaking, status can be divided into two categories: the whole person and the whole person. It’s much more complicated to break it down. And this position is not unchanged. With the development of sports, teams are constantly divided and reassembled. The whole person can be transformed into the whole person, and the whole person can also be transformed into the whole person. Some of them are whole or integrated in this movement, and their position is reversing in the next movement. People’s status is changing, just like Zhuge Wuhou’s Eight Matrix, dazzling and confusing.
In the Cultural Revolution, of course, I was very concerned about my position. The question of hats that I mentioned above is, in fact, the question of status. My position has been hanging in the air for a long time. My heart is always muttering and restless. Later, I gradually found that I had not been classified as a contradiction between the enemy and ourselves. With this in mind, I can rest assured. I am still the “people”, which is a great thing for me. So I played the people’s sign and got at ease. You know, at that time, between the contradictions between the enemy and ourselves and the contradictions among the people, between the people and the so-called “counter-revolutionaries”, there was a wide and profound gap. If we are on the other side of the divide and on the other side of the people, many things are very easy to do. Even if we make a mistake or say a wrong word, it is a mistake made by carelessness at the moment. It is nothing remarkable. However, if we are drawn to the other side and become enemies, there will be infinite trouble. Even if we clip our tails, be cautious everywhere, and never dare to talk about things in disorder; but if we do something wrong for a moment and say a wrong word, such as “capitalism” as “socialism” or “reversal”, it will inevitably be outlined to the height of counter-revolution and become the current counter-revolution. To fight.
But who holds the power to divide the enemy and ourselves into two types of contradictions of different nature? I’m a little confused. My mind is so simple that I can’t understand it. Although I am temporarily on the other side of the gulf, I feel like I am walking on a tightrope. If I am not careful, I can fall and fall to the other side of the gulf. That means falling into hell and never turning over.
I used to be the dean of the Department of Eastern Language. By this time, of course, it is no longer. Is it dismissal? Is it a dismissal? Nobody knows. There’s no need to know. “Revolution is innocent and rebellion is justified”, which is the policy of action at that time. As for what is “revolution” and what is “rebellion”? No one questioned. Even the chairman of the state can be drawn out to fight without any law. My little Dean is nothing more than a sesame and mung bean. However, although I lost the small black gauze hat, which was not worth a few pennies, I still had no other hat on my head, so I could console myself.
By this time, the school has sent a “Left” Army Propaganda team. Each Department has several PLA soldiers and officers. The “rebels” in the Department also formed a leading group. How did the rebels come into being? As far as the Eastern Language Family is concerned, the situation is probably like this: some teachers and students who pretend to be of good origin resolutely carry out the “class line”, forming a rebellion and wrapping a red cloth around their arms, which is the symbol of revolutionaries. The so-called “good birth” refers to poor middle peasants, revolutionary subordinates, revolutionary cadres and workers. It is incumbent on these people to lead the revolution with their roots in the right place and their whole body in the right place. Another part of the people who opposed Lu Ping in the social education movement. They are highly conscious, and it is logical for them to lead the revolution now. I remember that people wearing red armbands seem to be limited to the first kind. Wearing the armband, the whole body is red, the face is even more red, walking, high-minded stride, majestic, can not last forever. I don’t know why the second kind of people can’t wear red armbands. This is an internal matter of their revolutionaries, and if I have nothing to do with them, I will stop bothering my mind. I’m surprised that no one has ever worn a badge and pretended to be a revolution like Ah Q. It can also be seen how high the consciousness of these revolutionaries is. Only the children of revolutionary cadres are a little mysterious. Although they are more arrogant than others, they must make red silk armbands, others can only wear red cloth; but their status is not stable enough. Today, when their parents, brothers and sisters are still in power, they can stand out from the rest of the world and stand up gracefully. Tomorrow, when these people fall down, which was very easy at that time, their children will immediately become “gangster puppies”.
The so-called opposition to Lu Ping refers to the fact that in the social education movement in 1964, under the influence of the ultra-leftist ideology, a part of the staff and students of Peking University believed that Comrade Lu Ping, then Party secretary and principal, had serious problems and carried out a line of capitalist restoration, which was a revisionist line. So the group began to expose, and for a while the garden was full of storms and smoke. My level is extremely low, but also the poison of ultra-left thinking, wholeheartedly participate in sports. The more exposed, the more terrible it was, thinking that Peking University had completely rotted away. I do these foolish things in a very pious mood, fantasizing about defending the so-called revolutionary line. I am naive, but honest, there is really no personal consideration, personal intentions. Personally, I get along well with Lu Ping, who has no complaints about me. However, I was confused for a moment. In order to safeguard the future of socialism, I had to put aside my personal grievances and stand up against him. This is my real thought at that time. Later, the Central Committee held an international hotel conference to fight against Lu Ping’s rebellion. It called on the whole school to unite, and did not touch a single hair of those who opposed Lu Ping. After reflection, I admitted my mistakes and made self-criticism. In the late autumn of 1965, I went to Nankou Village, a suburb of Beijing, to participate in the social education campaign in the countryside.
By the time of the “Cultural Revolution”, as I have already mentioned above, I passed through the stage of bourgeois reactionary academic authority fairly smoothly after the first shock. Later, the military propaganda team entered the school, and the cadres of the Eastern Language Department were reassembled. I was a man who had opposed Lu Ping and should be included in the ranks of “revolutionary cadres”, but it is said that I surrendered to Lu Ping and that class position is unstable and must be excluded. Those who stood firm in the International Hotel and refused to admit that they had made any mistakes became real heroes. Some of them were the leaders of the Revolutionary Committee of the Eastern Language Family, and some even promoted to the Revolutionary Committee of the School and became leaders. I have no objection to that. But I still care about my position. A better revolutionary general told me secretly. He saw the internal documents of the military propaganda team, and I was the one who was left on the “critical line”. What is the “critical line”? That is to say, I am on the people’s side of the line between the contradictions between ourselves and the enemy and the contradictions among the people. If we take another step forward, we will fall into the contradiction between ourselves and the enemy. I was surprised and happy. It’s amazing how dangerous your situation is. Fortunately, I am now like standing on the side of the white line of Yin and Yang boundary on Mount Tai, walking forward an inch, and falling into the black dragon pool under the cliff of Wanzhang.

At this time, the national revolutionary series has begun. It doesn’t cost any money to take the train anyway. So all kinds of people from all over the country are traveling everywhere under the banner of “revolution”. All the stations were crowded with people. As long as you have the energy and a little more savagery, you can climb over the wall from the window, climb into the carriage, and go where you want to go. Someone on the top called for revolution, which is to light the torch. As a result, the whole country was in chaos and turned upside down everywhere. Some people say that this is called “chaotic enemy”. It’s a horrible bunch of nonsense. It’s me who’s messed up. If there were enemies, they would only celebrate each other. I have a low awareness, and I believe in this set.
Peking University was originally the birthplace of the “Cultural Revolution”. By this time, it has become a holy place of revolution. The pilgrimage to Yanyuan through the Great Series every day is many times more than that at the beginning of the Cultural Revolution. This group of people is said to be the guests of somebody. Not only to see, but also to live, to eat. How dare Beida people neglect! Departments are dedicated to hospitality and are responsible for a building full of “guests”. Since I am allowed to stay on this side of the critical line, I am on duty day and night to show my loyalty and inspiration in order to be grateful and grateful. “Guests” have no quilts. Other people in my family carry quilts from their homes. Push the water cart everyday to open water for the “guests”. When I saw that the “guest” lacked a washbasin, I paid for it by myself and bought twenty. Looking at the brand-new basin, my heart is happy to blossom.
However, as the saying goes, there are always bad things in the world. I’m too happy, too early. Young revolutionary generals, and of course some of them, do not seem to appreciate it. New quilts, as long as they cover for a few nights, are always completely disfigured, cotton blossoms out, the face is torn. Looking back at the washbasin is even more irritating. Only a few days later, the basin has been devastated and horrible. At first, I served these “guests” respectfully from my heart. However, the “guests” were like this. I slapped people on the head like a fierce slap. My heart was bitter, sweet and bitter, and I could hardly tell what it was like.
After a period of time, there are probably too many people coming to Beijing. In some places, even stop production and tourism. If we don’t catch any more, there will be a great crisis. I don’t know which institution made the decision to persuade those who came to Beijing to return to their original areas and units, where they “grasp the revolution and promote production”. The military propaganda team of Peking University also accepted this task. Of course, the Eastern Language Department is also responsible for part of the division of labor, to persuade the most outsiders living outside the school. Under the leadership of the military propaganda team, we first went to the Xiyi Hotel nearest to the school to persuade. Where do the outsiders who have tasted the sweetness leave automatically? So persuasion, debate, sometimes even extremely heated debate. It makes my mouth dry and I have to swallow my breath. Finally, some achievements have been made. The foreigners gradually leave here and return home.
Transfer from Xiyi Hotel to the National Meteorological Administration a little farther away. Here we still persuade, debate and launch a heated debate. Everything is the same as in the Xiyi Hotel. But I’ve opened my eyes here. First of all, the big-character newspapers here are really good. I’ve read the big-character newspapers for thousands of years. Looking at them, I think they are very general. My nerves are numb. I can’t feel any fresh taste any more. The big-character newspapers and slogans here are really accurate, distinct and vivid. Of course, there are also some general big-character newspapers. But there are also other forces, rocks, such as “shredded so-and-so”, “fried so-and-so” and so on. How vivid and powerful is the word “fried”! It is unforgettable to see forever. Did this also come from the underworld, as I said at the beginning of this book? One of the most unforgettable things is that I witnessed a gathering of capitalists. A car came slowly. At the door opening, a straightforward capitalist suit (or high-grade wool uniform), probably the director, stepped down from the car and carefully took out a paper hat from the back seat of the car, colorful and strange in shape, and put it on his head. It’s full of little things hanging on it. One of the most notable things is a little king, who sways in the air with his master’s pace. He walked into the meeting hall and immediately burst with slogans. The mountains were roaring and the earth was shaking. Then there is speech criticism. After all the ceremonies were over, the capitalists stepped out of the venue, went to the car, took off the laurel crown from their heads – I noticed that Xiaowang Ba was still waving – and carefully placed it on the back seat, probably for reserve. His face was always smiling. This really puzzles me. Where does this laugh come from? After “chopping” and “frying”, you can even laugh! This smile is more puzzling than the famous one on Mona Lisa’s face. My knowledge has risen to a new level.
When the meteorological bureau’s task was completed, we went on an expedition to an office quite far away from Peking University to do the same work. It was winter in 1966 and it was getting colder. I go to the scene by bike from school every day. It takes me more than an hour to get there. When it snows, it’s cold and slippery. It takes two hours to walk. It’s lunch there at noon. There is no room for us at all. A ceiling was built in the yard, where the meal was. This ceiling can’t even cover the wind, let alone the cold! The food is not hot enough. Once it is put into a cold bowl, if it is not wolfed into the stomach at the fastest speed, the ice will form around the bowl. If Suwu wanted to herd sheep in Beihai, I’m afraid that’s what he ate with ice. Is life like this bitter or not? It is against one’s will to say no bitterness. However, my spirit is still very exciting, very happy. In the first wave of revolution, I was not classified as a capitalist group, but now I am still in the wave of revolution, among the people, which is a great happiness, I should be satisfied.
In this way, after some days, the tide of “high xdx” which came to Beijing in series from outside gradually passed away, and the “revolutionary masses” who came to Beijing from outside gradually left Beijing. The task we persuaded could be said to have been successfully completed, so the class teacher returned to school.
After returning to school, there are still some things that I can remember and be very happy about. The first is the election of people’s representatives in Haidian District. In China, the People’s Congress is a three-level system, and the people’s congresses of districts and counties are at the lowest level. They are composed of voters who directly elect representatives. The deputies to the provincial and municipal people’s congresses are then elected by the district and county people’s congresses. Finally, deputies are elected by provincial and municipal people’s congresses to form the highest level of the National People’s Congress. District and county delegates are nominally low, but those who are really elected by the voters can best embody real democracy, and the competition is fiercest. Before the Cultural Revolution, I served as a member of the CPPCC National Committee and a deputy to the Beijing People’s Congress. Haidian District has also participated in several elections for deputies to the National People’s Congress. At that time, I never thought it would be easy to vote! This election was held after the storm in the early days of the Cultural Revolution. Many “people” who used to have the right to vote have become capitalists and have been pushed out of the scope of “people” and lost their votes. Fortunately, I remained among the people, thus preserving the right to vote. When I saw my name on the red list, the three words were shining as if they were protruding. I’m afraid that the happiness of “Golden List Title” in the emperor’s era would not exceed my present happiness. Now I realize that what I thought was available was not easy to come by. On the day of voting, I changed into new clothes and stood in the “people” with red ballots weighing like kilograms. I’m really ecstatic. I know that I haven’t become as untouchable as India. No one was afraid that I had stepped on his shadow. The taste of happiness fills my heart for me to taste carefully for many days.
Another thing brought me great joy, and the memories I left are unforgettable forever. In a wheat harvest season. The “Revolutionary” teachers and students of the Eastern Language Family were sent to a village near Nanyuan under the leadership of the military propaganda team to assist in wheat harvest. I remember that it rained a lot that year. Having lived there for more than ten days, it rained almost every day. It didn’t rain long, almost in a flash. But it also caused a lot of trouble. During the day, we carried the bundled wheat back to the village from the wheat field and spread it on the wheat field, waiting for drying and beating out the grains. When a shower of rain came, we panicked and covered the wheat with oilcloth. Once the rain is over, the sun comes out, and then the tarpaulin is thrown off. Sometimes I’m busy for several times a day. Especially when it rained at night, we immediately got up and ran to the scene to cover the tarpaulin. We were so busy that we sweated all over. Then we were watered by the rain, and the whole body became drowned chickens. However, none of the farmers came out. At that time, they were eating big pot rice in the people’s commune leading to heaven, and nobody would work hard. It’s a bit hard for me to think of the “old nine” who are ready to receive re-education for the poor and lower middle peasants at any time. What do these people teach us? When I think of those novels which have been popular for a while and which have raised the peasants’consciousness to an alarming height, I think that the author has no ulterior motives to read them. Since then, I have never read such a novel again.
I am very enthusiastic among the “people”. During the day, I went to the wheat field to carry the bundled wheat. I was “Han Xin’s generals, more and more are good”, and the number of bundles I carried was no less than that of young men. So when I returned to school, I was praised by the public in the department, and my heart was full of beauties. However, life in Nanyuan can not be said to be comfortable. Working all day, I am very tired. Sleep in a big warehouse at night. The ground is densely covered with floors, and the area occupied by a person can only accommodate himself. There are many mosquitoes in the countryside. Others have mosquito nets and mosquito repellent oil. I’m alone. I don’t bring anything with me. At night, people put down their nets and mosquitoes were not allowed to enter. But I am completely open here, so all the mosquitoes crowded to me, mosquitoes thunder, rain. I became a filial son in old stories, bitten by my parents. I wake up in the morning with scars everywhere, and I have no complaints. And life is not monotonous, and sometimes there are interesting episodes. For example, one day, when we were carrying a bundle of wheat in the wheat field, we suddenly found a rabbit. So everybody put down their work and chased the rabbits one after another. No matter how fast the rabbit jumped, we were all in a crowd. At last, one of the rabbit’s legs was broken and the rabbit was captured. In addition, some people like to eat snakes. One day he caught one and immediately ran back to the village. He found a place where there was fire. He burned the snake and settled it on the spot and swallowed it. Isn’t it possible to paint a little color and bring a little joy to flat-panel life with such trivial things?
That’s how I spent half a year.

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