People’s Daily Comments on judge killed

At 7:30 on January 12th, the Hunan Provincial Higher People’s court tried to supervise a deputy chief of the court and Zhou Chunmei, a senior judge of three grade, who was killed by a suspect at the underground garage of his home. He was only 45 years old. After a preliminary investigation by the police, Xiang and Zhou Chunmei were fellow villagers, and they filed a lawsuit to the court for something. They repeatedly asked Zhou Chunmei to say hello to them, but they were refused, so they felt resentment and retaliated.
This is an extreme criminal case, which is distressing and highly concerned. People from all sides expressed their deep sorrow for the tragic death of judge Zhou Chunmei, sincere sympathy for his family, strong condemnation of the criminal act of killing the judge, and demanded that the murderer be severely punished. In a society ruled by law, judicial authority is not allowed to be provoked by violence; violence cannot shake justice, and justice will never bow.
Zhou Chunmei’s deeds of defending principles, justice and the bottom line of the rule of law with her life have aroused strong repercussions. Many police officers of political and legal organs say that the law can’t give way to lawlessness, and killing can’t frighten the determination of justice! He will take judge Zhou Chunmei as an example, not afraid of violence, and firmly pursue judicial justice.
It is the rule of law that harms judges. While holding the mallet and defending the law, judges are often misunderstood, insulted, abused, even slandered, followed and threatened. Those who bring us security also need security; those who protect justice need justice to protect them. The murder of judge Zhou Chunmei once again aroused the attention of the whole society to the security of judicial personnel