The sun is bright and cloudless. Today, small journalists who are fond of visiting come all the way to Suzhou Agricultural Culture Park. Here, an alarming event is on the horizon.
“Let’s go!” We all shouted when we came to the paradise here. I saw a castle-like house not far ahead, black bricks and tiles, dark mystery, especially the two big red “ghost house” words on the wall, like two bull heads and horse faces with big mouth of blood basin, so terrible!
All of a sudden, I came up with the spirit and the spirit of exploration. I couldn’t wait to check the tickets, but I did not forget to pick a branch from the bushes and hold it in my hand. At this time, I just like a chivalrous spirit, brave, high-spirited ready to enter the ghost house. “Ah-ah”, “ghost-ah”. Accompanied by several screams of heart-tearing, several tourists rolled out of the house. I look closely, there are four or five six or seven-year-olds, there are two big boys! Still in? I hesitate a little. “How can I get a tiger without entering the tiger’s den?” As I gritted my teeth, I rushed in with branches and everybody.
Just feel that the eyes are dark, I hold down the “thumping” heart, hard to open their eyes. Two wolf-headed monsters, with golden axes, stood in the doorway with evil lights in their eyes. I grabbed the branch in my hand, boldly, carefully and crept past the monster. Before breathing a sigh of relief, the door suddenly “clicked” shut. “No! There’s a trap!” I was so frightened that I rushed forward and just listened to “bang” and the axe fell from the monster’s hand. It’s dangerous! It almost hit me in the head!
Before I slowed down, a white figure with a cold wind passed by me. My scalp felt numb. What kind of ghost is this? I looked back anxiously. “Mama –” I saw behind me a shawled, pale woman, with red eyes, strange voices in her mouth, blood on her hands, jumping towards me. I was so scared that I was breathing fast, my legs were weak, I closed my eyes and raised the branches in my hands and danced wildly. After a while, I opened my eyes, huh? The ghost is gone! I ran away with the ghost by a magic trick! It seems that a self-defense weapon works, no wonder the swordsman wears a sword. I breathed a sigh of relief, calmed down, and continued my adventure with trepidation.
It looked like a big wooden box in front of me. “What’s terrible about this?” I said to myself. “Yes – is it?” A low, hoarse voice came out of the wooden box, and I couldn’t help but fly away. The wooden box opened quickly and automatically, bursting out into a fire, green and white, staring at me. With my last experience, I quickly took out the magic weapon of victory – branches and danced wildly. But the fire seemed more fierce, up and down, left and right, and my magic weapon was burning. Now, I panicked, threw away the branches, and held my head in both hands — fled quickly! “Are I going to die in the Yellow Spring today?” The more terrible I thought, the more terrible I thought about it, but then I thought, “No, I’m only 12 years old, I have to learn, I have to visit the famous mountains and rivers of my motherland, and see my favorite Barbie… So I can’t break my long way here! “Run away!” I rushed straight to the exit at the speed of 100 meters. In the long corridor, the sound of my hasty footsteps is constantly echoing…
Finally, the sun is shining again! Outside, the sun is shining, the grass is blue, the trees are red, what a beautiful world! I wipe the cold sweat on my forehead, look back at the haunted house behind me, the black hole door grinning, it seems to be demonstrating to me. I squeezed my fist and said in my heart, “Huh, ghost house, wait and see! Next time, I will conquer you!”
The sun is bright and cloudless. Today, we love visiting journalists not far “thousands of miles away”, came to Suzhou Agricultural Culture Park. When the teacher pressed the camera shutter, our experience, our smile, our scissors hand became eternal.

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