Xinba sugar water bird’s nest incident

What business model is the most popular in the Internet industry this year? There is no doubt that it is the online red with goods. In the live broadcast, the big and small online celebrities are sweating hard to sell, and the people who eat melons are crazy to buy and buy. All kinds of magic sales data begin to soar, and everyone is happy. During this period of time, there was another “car overturning incident with goods” that let the crowd watch.
The thing is like this: Simba, the head of a video platform with goods, and the anchor “Shida Meili” in the team, sold a kind of ready to eat bird’s nest during the live broadcast. After some knowledgeable consumers bought it, they found that the bird’s nest tasted like sugar water, so they sent short videos, and then they were threatened and questioned by others. Then, some media outlets reprinted the bird’s nest, and the incident was very fast The fermentation caused heated discussion.
It’s not a big thing in itself, but teacher Xin Youzhi didn’t intend to fall into the trap and began to “refute rumors” in his own live room. Simba’s fans were tens of millions, and the impact was still considerable. It was also a live demonstration, and he was ready to accuse the we media of “doing things” for their reputation of infringement and damaging goodwill. The matter became hotter and hotter, and more and more people ate melons, which attracted the folk Wang Hai, known as “professional dummy”.
Wang Haiguo is really a professional. When he comes up, he gives out a professional test report, which shows that the “bird’s nest” sold by Simba team is sugar water, which deceives fans. He also gives three “guidance directions”:

  1. Simba bird’s nest is a flavor drink, not a bird’s nest
  2. The flavor beverage of Simba belongs to the food that does not meet the food safety standards, consumers can ask for a refund of 10
  3. If the purchase price is 4.2 yuan, the consumers are deceived to say that selling at a loss or selling with a discount is fraud
    It can be said that Wang Hai, who has been called “professional dummy” for many years, is very skillful in dealing with this kind of thing. I’m afraid the Simba team will encounter a lot of trouble.
    It can be seen from the nutrition composition table that the protein content of the product is zero, and the fat content is zero. The bird’s nest should contain water-soluble protein.
    If you want to eat bird’s nest, you still buy some dried food and stew it at home. Even if there are bird’s nest ingredients in this “flavor drink”, the content is not enough, and it can’t play the desired role.
    How to distinguish the true and false bird’s nest quickly?
    Tip 1: look at the color. The middle of the bird’s nest is filiform structure, and the part of the bird’s nest is of sheet structure, which is translucent. The color of bird’s nest is white and beige. The bird’s nest in rainy season is white and yellow in dry season. If the bird’s nest is snow-white, and it changes color after a period of time, it is mostly added with bleaching additives.
    Tip 2: smell. The smell of real bird’s nest has light egg white or mildly moldy smell. The fake taste is strong, with glue smell and fishy smell.
    Tip 3: feel the texture. Bird’s nest soaked in soft, poor elasticity, pull to break, with the fingers can rub into paste is mostly fake.
    ——Lao Jing said——
    In fact, “tearing” is a good thing. At least it can make everyone pay attention to it. The quality of live delivery is uneven. Consumers often spend money but are regarded as “wronged”. More people who are “more serious” may usher in a better and healthier tomorrow for the live delivery industry. #The bird’s nest sold by Simba was detected as sugar water by Wang Hai#
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