The delivery man broke down and smashed the shop

It is said that people who are impatient are easy to get ahead and have a hot temper. After this incident, they have a bad temper. This is not an accident!
Recently, a delivery clerk in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, took the order to the restaurant to pick up the meal. At that time, there were many people in the shop and the business was good, and there were many people queuing up!
The shopkeeper is busy, say at the same time: issue order number
The takeout clerk saw that the restaurant was not ready to serve food. At this time, he was in a hurry. He even slapped his hands on the table and said, “how long is 73 and 75 left?”?
One of the staff turned around and yelled at the takeout, “what’s the use of your loud voice?”!
At this time, the takeout man picked up the takeaway from the table and threw it at her!
And the saleswoman scolded: you have a problem!
Then two people quarrel, the owner from the counter out, began to beat the takeout!
The biggest problem is that the takeout staff are under too much pressure and lose control of their emotions. Sometimes, for the sake of competition, a lot of pressure is transferred to the takeaway brother. The takeout brother and the store owner are both wrong. In fact, both sides have better solutions, but they all adopt the most impulsive approach!
And the most irritating thing is to drag people to the back kitchen and beat them alone. I think it’s too much. The takeaway is to work, and the business is to make money. It is his fault that the takeout man smashes things. He will have to pay for it when the time comes, and the shopkeeper should not be so impulsive!
I think both sides are responsible for this matter. The takeout must be calm in dealing with the matter. Don’t be impulsive and cause big trouble!
If you can control your emotions, will the following things happen? You collapse, you vent, you delay the time of other takeaway brothers, delay the speed of the business, what problem has your venting solved, or made the problem serious or solved?
During the rush hour, the merchants must be too late. Sometimes the takeout is slow. At this time, you can report it and you won’t deduct money. Then you can call the customer to explain the reason why they can’t arrive in time. If you have a good communication, you can deliver it at last! It’s not good to have a bad temper in takeout, especially if you don’t think about it for a while. Sometimes it’s dangerous to think too much on the way!
You can control the time to deliver takeout and temper yourself, otherwise it’s not suitable for this line!
And the shopkeeper, because the business is good, can’t ignore the feelings of the takeaway, even beat people!
Netizens said: This is obviously the shop owner’s fault. If you can’t come over with your business, you can’t go to take out. If you don’t pay close attention to it, you will be complained about the late delivery of takeout brother, and his salary will be deducted, and he will be dismissed seriously. I think it’s selfish of the store!
Shop owners also think that it’s not easy for the takeout staff to deduct money after the delivery time. If you want to make money, they should also make money. They should not let others help in vain because of your reasons!
If the business is good, you can expand the production scale ahead of time, or take out. Don’t let more people worry because of you because of the shortage of supply!
In fact, there are also reasons why the takeout man is in a hurry. If he drops something, you can use legal means to maintain it, instead of beating people! In this case, your business is too failed. You only care about yourself and don’t consider other people’s feelings. It’s really selfish!
According to media reports, the two sides have reached an agreement, and the owner will pay 4000 yuan for the medical expenses of the takeaway, and finally settle down.
From an outsider, it’s a bit excessive for the boss to serve slowly and to make the takeout staff anxious. If the takeout is not rational, it must be the first thing to smash something. The person with a good temper will call the police and ask the takeout worker to lose money. However, this shop keeper is quite popular. He starts directly, and the attack is not light. After all, whoever starts first doesn’t care!
Things have happened, anyway, hands-on is not the way to solve the problem, it will only make things more serious!