Never forget the World Expo

After five o’clock in the morning, we got up, but when we looked out of the window, the sun had risen so high. We rushed to wash and take the things we bought last night to the No. 3 gate of the Expo Park. It is said that the reservation tickets of the Chinese Pavilion can be easily obtained at Gate 3 of the World Expo. Even if you can’t get the reservation tickets, you can also get the city’s business card book. You can exchange the reservation tickets as long as you stamp all 15 stamps on the city’s business card book. So my mother had planned to go to Gate 3.
At Gate 3, we saw a long queue in front of us. Alas, it may not be possible to get the reservation tickets for the Chinese Pavilion. We can only see if we can get the city business card book. At seven o’clock, the staff finally let us into the security checkpoint. My parents and I began to rush to the security checkpoint to wait. There were about 100 people in front of us.
At 9 o’clock, security can be checked, not only for articles, but also for people. My aunt used the scanner to do this and that on me, and told me to turn around. After the security check, I had to check the tickets again. I “fed” the tickets into the ticket machine’s “mouth”, and then the staff took out the tickets from the ticket machine’s “mouth” and handed them to me. I didn’t find his “little action” because of the staff’s shortness of eyes and quick hands. When he gave me the ticket, I found that there was an extra piece of red paper. I just want to see what time it says, but my mother is missing. Forget it. Find my mother first and then read it. At this time, only heard as if my mother’s voice was calling me: “Xiaoxiao, I am here!” As I looked at my voice, I saw my mother waving her hands happily. I rushed over and my mother said, “I’ve got the reservation ticket for the China Pavilion!” When I looked at the ticket in my hand, I got it, too. Dad came out and he said he got it too. At this time, we are so happy, this is the result of our hard work in the morning!
Then we lined up for a while and got the city card book of the Italian Pavilion. The Italian Pavilion can be accessed by placing six chapters on the city’s business card list. I also bought a passport. It’s a cartoon version. It has a sea treasure on it. It’s very cute. After more than an hour, we finally stamped all six chapters and our passport. Now, we can see our favorite restaurant!
The City Future Pavilion is the pavilion we booked in the morning. When we entered the pavilion, I felt the light was very dim and there was a very mysterious feeling. All the introductions are on a big book or wall. From there, I know that the future cities are energy city, space city, water city, wisdom city, ecological city and so on.
I remember that Space City is about people building houses into space, Water City is about people building cities under the sea, and swimming with fish. Ecologically
City is mainly about environmental protection, we are not “to design a better car”, but to design a “nutritional transport”. We’re going to invent green cars that don’t emit exhaust gas. The Expo is very environmentally friendly, air conditioning is not electricity, is solar, the lights are LED, very “low carbon”. The buses in the Expo Garden use electricity instead of oil, which is very environmentally friendly. We should also take care of the environment, be a “green guardian” and not cut down trees in order to make the earth a real “low-carbon home”.
Next, we’re going to visit the China Pavilion, which we’ve been longing for for for a long time. I’m glad, and I’m fully prepared for a few hours of queuing. After getting off the boat and taking another bus stop for the Expo, I finally saw the face of the China Pavilion. It is so magnificent, dignified and atmospheric, unlike other pavilions, the shape is very novel and fashionable. At first, I thought it would take a long queue to get on the elevator. Who knows, we just kept walking and got on the elevator in a minute. It’s easy to think about it. I think it’s time to visit, but I have to queue up on the 12th floor. But the queue was not long, less than an hour, and the line moved slowly forward. Soon, we got on the elevator to the 12th floor.
The Chinese Pavilion is divided into several smaller pavilions, the first of which is the Oriental Footprint. We watched a seven-minute movie called The Course. The film shows us the changes of China’s cities and people in the past 30 years, and also shows the relief scene of the 5.12 earthquake, which is very touching. Then we came to “look back on the years”, and the pictures on the walls showed some changes in the cities of the past and the present, such as houses, transportation and so on. Next we came to the “Long River of History” and saw the “Tomb-sweeping Upper River Picture”. It was a very long painting, with water under it and sparkling waves. Strangely, why did the little people in the painting move? How amazing!
Next, we went downstairs along the corridor of childlike imagination and came to the second pavilion, “Search Tour”. Searching tour is sitting on a small train to appreciate Chinese architecture. It introduces Chinese bridges, gardens, etc. Everywhere there are explanations. It feels great sitting on a small train!
The last Pavilion is called “Low Carbon Action”. There is a question and answer section, let’s choose which car, which lamp is lower carbon, more environmentally friendly. And the fountain of sentiment, very beautiful. It’s amazing that the water flowing out of the glass wall can be turned into “Haibao” and other patterns and words.

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