Calling on Taiwan media

On the evening of October 2, Taiwan media sent good news that she gave birth to a daughter, about 7 pounds (3180 grams), to his wife Guo biting
Guo biting gave birth to her first daughter on the national day double festival of the Mid Autumn Festival (October 1). After Xiang Taihe and Xiang Huaqiang arrived in Taiwan, she took good care of her daughter-in-law. Now she is happy to welcome her granddaughter. They built a villa for Guo biting’s mother and daughter in advance and fulfilled their original promise.
First of all, congratulations on Guo biting’s becoming a mother and Xiang Zuo Dang’s father. Their love has been controversial all the way, and now they have finally ushered in the crystallization of their love. The two men’s and women’s genes must not be bad, but we still hope that girls like Guo biting are better, and with Xiangzuo’s rich family background, it is estimated that they will continue to make efforts to open up branches and leaves for Xiangzuo’s family.
However, Xiang Zuo and Guo biting have not made public the good news, including Xiang Tai and Guo biting’s father and wife both kept silent and did not respond. Until October 7, I sent an article to the head of Jordan’s father. Instead of expressing his joy, he sent a letter to the Taiwanese media: a Taiwanese media, please let us go. It’s no more than three things.
In the article, to Zuo sent three inverted thumbs expression, and released a black and white stills, expressed anger. Although Xiang Zuo didn’t point out the reason, netizens understood it and comforted Xiang Zuo to be angry. He wanted to accompany the little princess happily.
It turns out that in the early morning of the day when Xiang Zuo sent the article, Taiwan media had exposed Guo biting’s 72 hour prenatal picture and took a full-length picture of Guo biting’s belly as big as a basket.
The media continuously filmed 72 hours in the hospital. From September 27, Guo biting went to the hospital for examination, and on October 1, the couple visited the hospital. The whole process was recorded, just like “live broadcast”, which greatly affected the mood of the puerpera.
However, Xiangzuo didn’t get angry that day. Instead, he waited for his wife to give birth to the baby. He endured for nearly ten days for his wife and daughter. He was worthy of being a good husband.
In fact, last month, some Taiwan media exposed Guo biting and Xiang Zuo going out. The shooting time should be within half a month. At that time, Guo biting’s belly was as big as a basket, and her pregnant belly was round and big. She was once suspected of being twins. And Xiang Zuo is very considerate. He helps his wife with care. He is a perfect model husband, and he keeps his mouth shut with patience.
As a matter of fact, everyone in Xiang zoubi wanted to accompany Guo biting, but she was not allowed to come to Taiwan because of the epidemic situation and visa problems. Xiang Zuo did not fly to his wife until early September to celebrate their first wedding anniversary and the mid autumn national day.
The only regret is that Guo biting failed to sign the marriage application in Hong Kong within three months, which led to the two missing the validity of their first paper marriage. Later, the agent revealed that they had applied twice and asked Taiji to register in Taiwan to finish the marriage before the baby was born.
However, some Taiwan media said that Guo biting had to finish her confinement to get the certificate, which seemed to imply that the two were unmarried and had children first.
Xiang Tai’s daughter-in-law was also questioned because she was too tight. Two months ago, she was admitted to the hospital for treatment of myocardial infarction. She recovered after one month of treatment. At that time, some fans were dissatisfied because she did not disclose it in time. To too after discharge from the hospital, the first time to restore the illness, the outside world just wake up. Xiang Tai, who is concerned about his daughter-in-law, also arrived in Taiwan in early September and took her granddaughter in the first place.
As a matter of fact, since their marriage, they have been questioned. This time, anger towards Zuo rare is probably unbearable.