The Dream of an Ordinary Man

He is an ordinary man, who has lived a mediocre life without doing anything. Now nearly a hundred years old, lying under the vines in the courtyard, watching the sunset, past events like goldfish bubbles, one by one out of the deep sea of memory, showing their respective postures.
At that time, he was young, ignorant age, even a person with a small spade digging in the corner, you can play with joy. One quiet afternoon, he was watching the ants move out under the willow trees in the street. A group of men and women, together with children, ran to the end of the street with great soup. No one noticed him under the willow trees. The big brother next door, who was hanging at the end of the crowd, found him, hesitated and squatted beside him.
“Are you the kid at the end of the street?”
He didn’t raise his head, so he said “Hmm” softly. The elder brother watched him stare at the orderly ant brigade and sighed softly. Quietly for a long time, the elder brother got up and was ready to leave. He raised his head and asked, “Are you going to the end of the street? Can you tell my mother to remember to pick me up before dark?” The elder brother of the neighbour frowned, and then he lowered his head again, struck the ground with a stick, and said softly, “She promised me that she would come and pick me up every time it was getting dark. It was yesterday that she forgot. The neighbor’s eldest brother touched his nose, nodded, “Oh” and hurried away. He then continued to look at the little ants whose antennae passed on the message of their return home.
Towards nightfall, someone came to pick him up, but not his mother, nor did he go home. No one told him why he couldn’t see his mother and why he couldn’t go home. He was eventually sent to the orphanage, and often tossed and turned in various families. From the communication between the responsible person and each housewife, he knew fragmentally that the weak mother had gone to Huangquan with her long-sick father, and wrote a will. He also took his father’s medicine fee next month as his first fee to enter the orphanage. The will said, “Please don’t let the child know what he was sending.” Everything in life.
When he first knew the sporadic truth, he thought that adults were really irresponsible, pretending to whisper in front of him seemed to regard him as a fool, no, really a fool. For example, when she meets a kind-hearted housewife, she will weakly ask the person in charge, “In front of the child’s face, does he not know all about it?” The person in charge scornfully sweeps the square on the ground and says, “No, he is a fool.” At that time, he was stunned and did not say anything, and no one found that his movements had changed from a drawing box to a drawing circle.
Later, when he was a little older, all the older children in the orphanage went out to make their own living. He was the only one who spent the whole day in the corner of the library. The head of the orphanage often couldn’t see him for a whole day, so she thought with great ease that when he had saved enough money to leave alone, she would not take a large sum of money from him secretly, like other children, and then send him away with a flushed face. She wanted to let him know how kind the people he never wanted to be close to were. Thinking about it, he angrily picked up the fly swatter and slapped a fly to death. He muttered, “This fool, surely not much money!”
In the past of the New Year, grown-up children have to leave the orphanage for self-reliance. When everyone around the table, tea instead of wine, farewell, looking forward to the future, only he was silent. The head of the orphanage looked at him, and the orphans who were laughing and singing looked at him. The Dean looked at the people who looked at him and said with a laugh, “Children, what are you going to do after you leave here? Or what kind of person are you going to be?” I just want to be a very ordinary person. “With father, mother and a small house, you can live together in peace and security. Every sunset evening, when I come back from work, someone will look up in the street. He added quietly, with his eyes down, and the dean at the other end of the table, looking at him, nodded gently and smiled gently.
Winter’s cold intentions were banished to the north by the sound of firecrackers. He went all the way south and ran the opposite way. He began to settle down everywhere because he had no good skills and no job he was too eager for. Brushing dishes, being a security guard, picking up garbage, sweeping across the street, because of his incompatibility with the crowd, he still spent his spare time in the library. When the traces of the years creeped into his eyes, he began to abandon this simple way of life and began to write. He seems to have a kind of innate ability, the tip of the pen spits stamens, and the fine brush produces flowers. His theme has always been one – childhood, with dreams. Over and over again, he always surpasses himself in a proposition. However, in reality, his too monotonous life begins to appear the “jingling bell” of the telephone, the Symposium of the draft-pressing appointment, the first kind, which makes him very anxious. He quit his broker (even though he had been with him for two years, he had only seen two sides of him – when he first met and dismissed – and he still called him a broker), stopped his so-called creation, went on his way, climbed mountains and forests, and crossed rivers and rivers.
Later, he really began to grow old. His legs and feet were inconvenient. He often felt pain in rainy days. He thought: It’s time to settle down. So he went to a small town and bought a small house with a yard near a river bank with willows. When he planted roses in his courtyard, put up fences, climbed vines all over the courtyard and built fences, he liked to lie in a rattan chair and look at the sunset at the end of the street and miss his past.

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