Pushing his son into the sea

The father pushed his mentally retarded son into the sea for cheating on his security

The father pushed the mentally retarded son into the sea for the purpose of fraud: on September 28, Haikou, Hainan Province, the father pushed the mentally retarded son into the sea for the purpose of fraud. According to the father involved, the son was born 38 years ago and didn’t do a single day’s work. He gave birth to three children. He didn’t pay for milk powder. His family was in debt of 800000. He didn’t obey orders and fought with his family. If he was obedient, he didn’t need much money. “It’s his own, but there’s no way.”.

I admire such parents very much, but when they have no money, they cheat their children’s lives. Although they are free, can they live morally and conscientiously?
No matter what you think, I feel that this father is great. Every family has a difficult book to read. If you don’t participate in other people’s life, don’t judge others. But it was a mistake for the father to push the child into the sea, contrary to the law. But when the father made this decision, the moment he started, we put ourselves in a different position to think about the father’s mental activities. Mental activities do not judge. After reading the article, I feel it.
First of all, children. Now the children which is not the treasure in the palm, which is not in the home with the little emperor general existence. As a father, you should feel how you treat your children. He is also a father, like you, his dedication to the children is selfless, and he would like to give everything to his own children. What delicious food, father and mother always because I do not like to eat, I am full, want to give their children more to eat. An era of material scarcity, not to mention the era of everything now. Delicious, easy to wear are first for their own children. Have you ever found a toy while doing another thing? Your first thought is to buy one for your own children. All for the children, for all the children. This is not to say, as every child’s parents should have their own feelings.
Talk about father. Father is the pillar of a family. With a mentally retarded child, what is the father’s heart like? But my own son at that time. Take care of it no matter what. But for a mentally retarded child, there are many things that we can’t understand. Some mentally retarded children are aggressive. You should have seen this. They sometimes appear on certain occasions, will be driven by others, they will be aggressive in order to protect themselves.
Finally, the family. It is very unfortunate that there is a mentally retarded child in a family. Not to mention mental retardation, even a disabled person will be very different. Look at my nickname, you should know how many disabled people I contact. My nickname is a public platform. I believe you have all seen that some parents have no choice but to lock their children in chains and confine them inside. This is the parents’ helpless move. Mentally retarded children will get into some troubles because of various reasons and often cause some economic compensation. Whether or not the wrong party, will think about the things their children have caused. Children can be controlled when they are young. As their parents grow older, their children will grow stronger and stronger. It’s going to get out of hand one day. The parents are worried about who will take care of their children after they leave. They bring their children into the world, but they can’t take care of them all their lives. Always want to let their children in the future can have a meal to eat, have a place to sleep. How many of these families can afford to send their children to the mental health center.
But the father pushed his mentally retarded son into the sea. His behavior really violated the law and must be subject to corresponding consequences.
Father is great, father is difficult, father is illegal.
To all the fathers in the world say: Dad, you have worked hard!