Refuse to marry mentally disabled girlfriend

Lao Yu, 52, from Henan Province, who works as a security guard, met Ms. Wang from Hangzhou eight years ago. After they lived together, the man gave his girlfriend 40 yuan a day for living, but he has not yet been able to register for marriage. It turns out that Ms. Wang is mentally disabled, and her guardian is her mother in her 70s.
However, Ms. Wang’s mother did not agree with the two people’s relationship. She had her own concerns and even proposed that if they married, the relationship between mother and daughter would be broken.
So, is Mr. Yu good to Ms. Wang? Ms. Wang thinks it’s OK. Compared with her mother’s attitude, Ms. Wang thinks that Mr. Yu dotes on her more and gives her more material things.
Yu said he wanted to be a family.
Then, the reporter issued a “soul question”:
If the woman’s mother agrees to marry them,
But no inheritance of the house,
Would you still like to marry Ms. Wang?
Mr. Yu replied: live together, die together, no matter what you want her (Ms. Wang).
The reporter also interviewed Ms. Wang’s mother, aunt Tian. When it comes to their love affair, Ms. Wang’s mother got excited and said that Lao Yu had a bad heart and was trying to find her real estate.
Aunt Tian said that they did not know each other for a long time, and Mr. Yu proposed to register for marriage. This raises doubts about his motives.
What makes aunt Tian suspicious and angry is that the other side has repeatedly sent threatening messages.
The first text message content: “you always said I was wishful thinking, dream to it! Let me tell you the truth. It’s about the house and inheritance. Ms. Wang is a disabled person. How to inherit the inheritance for the disabled is regulated by the state. It’s not to say whether you give or not to give it. It’s decided by the judge according to the inheritance law. “
The second message content: “Hello, auntie. In fact, I want to register with Ms. Wang to get married. It’s very easy! To the legal process, you can not stop, not to do so is to respect you, unlike you in court sad, to leave you some face. You think, as soon as I get the marriage certificate, I have the right to speak. Can you stand it? What can you do? I have morality and I don’t want to make you sad. “
Mr. Yu said that the above two messages were not sent by himself, but by Ms. Wang with his mobile phone.
But the third message, he admitted, was sent by himself: “the thing to register is that a lawsuit should be filed in the intermediate people’s court, regardless of the victory or defeat. Legal settlement is the only way. It can’t let you delay for a long time. “