The Queen’s status will be abolished

Queen Elizabeth II, 94, is not only the monarch and head of state of Britain, but also the head of state of 15 other sovereign states. However, this number may soon be reduced to 14.
Barbados, an island state in the Caribbean, has announced that it will no longer recognize the queen of England as its head of state from next year and will become a Republic by the 55th anniversary of its independence in November 2021, BBC reported.
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Barbados will abolish Queen Elizabeth II as head of state. /Screenshot of BBC report
On September 15, Sandra Mason, governor of Barbados, read the speech of prime minister motley, saying that Barbados hopes to “completely get rid of colonial history” and realize “complete sovereignty”.
Barbados, formerly a British colony, declared its independence on November 30, 1966 and became a member of the British Commonwealth. The head of state is the queen of England. The BBC points out that Barbados is the first country in nearly 30 years to renounce the Queen’s status as head of state.
Barbados “want a Barbados head of state”