Sichuan Bank approved for construction

Sichuan’s first provincial legal person city commercial bank will be born soon! Sichuan online reporter learned on September 11 that the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission officially approved the application for the establishment of Sichuan bank on September 9.
Based on Panzhihua City Commercial Bank and Liangshan state commercial bank, the Sichuan bank under construction is established in the form of new merger through a series of measures such as asset reorganization, capital enrichment and improvement of governance, with a registered capital of 30 billion yuan, ranking first among the provincial-level corporate city commercial banks in China.
“The approval and preparation of Sichuan bank will effectively improve the level and level of financial services for local development.” Wang Qing, director of China Financial Research Center of Southwest University of Finance and economics, said that the approval of Sichuan bank for construction will play an important supporting role in promoting the development of Sichuan’s financial industry and the construction of western financial center, as well as the overall economic and social development.
It has been a long time for Sichuan to establish its own provincial corporate City Commercial Bank. In 2018, the provincial Party committee and government made the deployment of speeding up the establishment of Sichuan bank, and then established a professional working team to steadily and orderly promote the relevant work. Under the guidance of the financial supervision department and the strong support of all parties concerned, the Bank of Sichuan was approved to prepare for construction.
The person in charge of the preparatory group of the Bank of Sichuan said that the establishment of the Bank of Sichuan is an important measure for Sichuan to implement the series of decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on financial work and promote the structural reform of the financial supply side. In strict accordance with the regulatory requirements, the Bank of Sichuan will adhere to the positioning of serving local economy, small and medium-sized enterprises and urban and rural residents, benchmarking advanced industries, focusing on reform and innovation, focusing on professional marketization, focusing on supporting key areas and weak links in Sichuan’s economic and social development, supporting the cultivation of strategic emerging industries with regional characteristics and comparative advantages, and serving Chengdu and Chongqing The construction of regional double city economic circle has become a modern commercial bank with standardized management and stable operation.