Pay 10000 yuan for indecent photos

Because she couldn’t bear to have her ex boyfriend Zhang distribute her private photos and threaten herself, former stewardess Yuanyuan (pseudonym) took Zhang to court. The first instance of the court ruled that Zhang apologized to Yuanyuan in writing and compensated 10000 yuan for spiritual damage. Zhang appealed later.
On September 9, the Red Star News reporter learned from Yuanyuan that Chongqing first intermediate people’s court had made a final judgment and upheld the original judgment. “So far, the other side has not apologized.” Yuanyuan said that although there are judicial results on the matter, she is more concerned about the result of the handling of Zhang’s unit Jixiang airlines.
Interviewees of the second instance of Chongqing first intermediate people’s Court upheld the original judgment
“Everything is subject to the official notification.” A staff member of auspicious Airlines responded to the Red Star News reporter on the 10th that there was no news about the handling result of Zhang, a pilot of the company. On August 17, auspicious airlines had grounded Zhang and said the final management measures would be based on the facts and the final judicial decision.
Break up for three years
But he was threatened with indecent photos
More than a month ago, Yuanyuan published a related article on the Internet. She said that before she was about to get married, her ex boyfriend Zhang, who had been separated for three years, threatened to sleep with her private photos. Even Zhang even sent her indecent photos to her friends, which had a great impact on her.
Yuanyuan recalls that in May 2019, she suddenly received a stranger’s wechat friend to add information. After the successful addition, the other party said that he had found a mobile phone with her private photos and phone numbers of relatives and friends. “If I have time to spend the night, I will see you, or I will send these photos out.”
Yuanyuan is threatened by her ex boyfriend with private photos
Yuanyuan said she did not agree, but the other party sent her private photos to her two friends, which made her completely flustered. According to her analysis, the only person who can have these photos is Zhang Mou, an ex boyfriend who once worked as a pilot in the same airline company. Yuanyuan contacted Zhang, but the other party denied it. After that, she went to Shanghai and Chongqing to report to the police. After investigation by the police network security detachment, the account address of Zhang’s indecent photos was Zhang’s residence.
At the same time, the Red Star News reporter also saw in the administrative punishment decision letter issued by Xiantao police station of Yubei District branch of Chongqing Public Security Bureau. The police found out that in June and July 2019, Zhang passed Yuanyuan’s private photos to others through microblog private messages twice. According to the provisions of Article 42 (5) and Article 49 (4) of the law of the people’s Republic of China on administrative penalties for public security, Zhang was fined 500 yuan.
check evidence of both parties at court
Ex boyfriend appeals after losing the first instance
Yuanyuan was not satisfied with the above punishment. Later, with the encouragement of her family, she took Zhang to court. “I’m out of work because of this.” Yuanyuan said that because she spent too much time to deal with the matter and asked for too much leave, she received the termination of her labor contract from the company on June 12, this year.
Yuanyuan receives the labor contract termination letter
On April 10, after filing the case in Yubei District People’s Court of Chongqing City, after two closed court sessions, the court ruled that the defendant Zhang made a written apology to the plaintiff Yuanyuan and paid 10000 yuan for spiritual damage.
Later, Zhang responded to the incident in a microblog and said he had appealed. Zhang said that he did register with wechat to send indecent photos to Yuanyuan, but these photos were obtained by the two people through regular means during their love, and he did not threaten her to have a relationship again.
Zhang mentioned in his response to the article that between August and December 2019, the police summoned him and his father to Chongqing three times to assist in investigation and mediation. “After the second mediation, she (Yuanyuan) did not appear in the whole process, fully entrusted her to work with the company’s current boyfriend Chen Mou agent.” Zhang said that on December 10, 2019, he apologized to Chen in the presence of the police, but he did not get any understanding.
Maintain the original judgment
The parties claimed that they had not apologized so far
On August 17, the official microblog of Jixiang airlines, with certification information of “Shanghai Jixiang Airlines Co., Ltd.,” issued a relevant notice on Yuanyuan’s accusation against Zhang, saying that Zhang was a pilot of the company and had been grounded. At the same time, auspicious Airlines said it would take further management measures against Zhang based on the facts and the final judicial decision.
Description of the official microblog of Jixiang Airlines
On September 9, the Red Star News reporter learned from Yuanyuan that the court had conducted a second trial on the matter, and she had also received the relevant judgment. According to the relevant civil judgment issued by Chongqing first intermediate people’s Court on September 3, the Court confirmed the main facts found in the first instance, rejected Zhang’s appeal and upheld the original judgment.
“So far, I have not received an apology from Zhang.” Yuanyuan told the Red Star News reporter that although in the judicial results, she won the lawsuit, but she is more concerned about the result of the handling of Zhang by Jixiang airlines. “The airline has not contacted me, and I don’t know what his final result is.”
On September 10, the Red Star News reporter contacted a staff member of Jixiang airlines, who said that the handling results of Zhang, a pilot, had not yet received the company’s specific information, “I will report to you, and after that, the Commissioner will respond to this matter.”