Xinguan Chengmei’s second leading cause of death

The novel coronavirus pneumonia has jumped to the second leading cause of death in the United States, according to the 4 report released by the University of Washington health indicators and assessment institute.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia mortality rate is higher than that of many countries. According to the death data, the new crown pneumonia has surpassed cancer and has become the second leading cause of death in the United States, ranking first only after heart disease, before cancer, accidents, injuries, diabetes and many other causes of death.
A surge in new crown cases in the Midwest of the United States
The report of the Institute of health indicators and evaluation of the University of Washington also mentioned that although the number of newly diagnosed cases reported in the United States in a single day is about 45000, which is lower than the daily increase of 70000 cases at the peak in July, and the infection rates reported by California, Florida, Texas and other states with severe epidemic conditions are indeed declining, it is worth noting that there are 10 states in the United States In most of the central and western regions, the basic number of new coronavirus infections – that is, the number of people who can be infected by a confirmed patient – is still greater than 1, which means that the epidemic is still spreading rapidly.
The data show that the number of cases in the Midwest of the United States has indeed increased recently. Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota all had a positive rate of more than 20%, the highest level in China.
Among them, Iowa has a population of more than 3.1 million, and the number of new cases last week exceeded 8300, an increase of 116%.