Men arrested for kicking girls

Li AI (pseudonym), a 17-year-old girl in Yongzhou, Hunan Province, was attacked by a 52 year old man with her elbow on June 1, this year. Hu Lin, a male classmate of the same trade, injured him while controlling the man. On August 21, he was detained by the Public Security Bureau of Lengshuitan District, Yongzhou. At present, he is in the detention center, and the party concerned knows that the chest attacking man may be given administrative detention notice.
On August 24, Li AI and Hu Lin’s father both said in an interview with mammoth news Oriental today that Hu Lin’s behavior should have been courageous and did not understand why he was detained by torture. Li AI also revealed that the man who attacked the chest also attacked another girl on the same day.
On the afternoon of 24, the police did not receive any response after contacting the specific cases. According to Li AI, at present, the family members have submitted the complaint materials to the Lengshuitan District Procuratorate of Yongzhou City, Hunan Province, “which has been accepted.”
If the act is justified, the lawyer should bear the responsibility.
A 17-year-old girl was attacked on the chest by a 52 year old man in a shopping mall. Surveillance revealed that the victim also had a girl
On the other end of the phone, a timid voice rang out. When asked about being attacked by a strange man in the mall, the girl plucked up her courage and poured out happily. On August 24, 17-year-old Li AI told the story.
According to Li AI, at about 17:30 p.m. on June 1 this year, she and her classmate Hu Lin went to a local shopping mall for dinner. At that time, they were going to take the elevator and were attacked by a strange man on the way to the elevator. “The man had been walking in a straight line, but when he saw me, he suddenly changed his direction, bumped into me and hit me in the chest with his elbow.”
Li AI said that at that time, she felt a special pain in her chest and subconsciously looked back to see who hit him. “I found that this man was also looking back at me, and then the man saw that I was looking at him. He was very surprised and hurried to other places. I told my classmate Hu.”
Don’t let those who do good deeds hurt their hearts! Male kicking and molesting girl man jailed
At that time, she and her classmate Hu Lin went to the man and asked him what was going on. The other side denied that Li AI ran into him and wanted to touch porcelain.
“At that time, I felt that he had deliberately attacked my chest and slandered me. I felt particularly aggrieved, and I cried. The security guards let both of us watch the surveillance. ” Li said that after watching the surveillance, the other side wanted to escape.
“The man was very flustered and tried to escape. At that time, Hu sat at the door and refused to let him out. The man was very cunning. When he saw a trash can near the door, he ran and pretended to push it. Then he burst the door open. He ran out about five or six meters. Hu responded and caught up. Because Hu’s hand was injured and cast in plaster, it was not convenient to stop him with his hand, so he kicked the position of his leg with his foot, and he wrestled. Then Hu told him not to run again. “
Don’t let those who do good deeds hurt their hearts! Male kicking and molesting girl man jailed
Li AI also revealed that when she checked the shopping mall monitoring, she found that the man also attacked another girl’s chest.
She provided two 45 second and 12 second surveillance videos to mammoth news Oriental today, confirming her claim that she and another girl were attacked on the chest.
As for the video of the male classmate preventing the man from escaping, Li AI said later that it was found to be covered and could not be provided.
That day, the police arrived after the investigation, “after the police call us, said that the man admitted to molesting me.”
Police detained the boy on suspicion of deliberately injuring him. His father believed that his son had done a good deed
On August 24, a reporter from mammoth news Oriental today contacted Hu Shijun, the father of the detained boy Hu Lin.
According to a detention notice provided by Lengshuitan branch of Yongzhou Public Security Bureau, according to the provisions of Article 82 of the criminal procedure law of the people’s Republic of China, Hu Lin, suspected of intentional injury (minor injury) crime, was detained in Yongzhou detention center of Hunan Province at 19:00 on August 21, 2020.
Hu Shijun said that he thought his son’s behavior was to act bravely and did not understand why he was detained.
“What is the fault of stopping Lei who is committing a crime?” Hu Shijun said that Article 84 of the criminal procedure law stipulates that any citizen may immediately seize a person in the following circumstances to a public security organ, a people’s Procuratorate or a people’s court for handling: 1. Those who are committing a crime or are discovered immediately after committing a crime. 2. Wanted. 3. Escaped from prison. 4. They’re being hunted. “Hu Lin bravely stopped the crime in front of Lei. What he deserved was not punishment, but affirmation, support and reward.”
Hu Shijun also provided a piece of material written by Li AI’s mother, a girl in charge of the incident
“My daughter was in great pain after the attack, so he called 110 to report to the police. The man who attacked the chest found that my daughter had pulled out her legs after calling the police. Hu Lin rushed to stop the man from escaping. Because Lin’s right hand was injured in May this year and was bound with bandages, he couldn’t reach out to catch the man. In a hurry, he kicked the man, and the man who was caught off guard then fell down in business First floor. “
“Under the leadership and coordination of the police station, my daughter and Lei reached a mediation agreement. The two sides signed and pressed their fingerprints. Lei compensated my daughter’s inspection fees and travel expenses, totaling 300 yuan. Then my daughter and Hu Lin left the police station and went home respectively.”
Hu Shijun revealed that what he didn’t expect was that on June 6, the local faction