Candidates forge Tsinghua notice

A student in Zhanjiang claimed to have been admitted to Tsinghua University. A banner was pulled in the village to celebrate. Later, he was found to be a forgery
On August 19, some netizens reported to Nanfang + reporters that a student in tiaofeng Town, Leizhou, Zhanjiang, claimed to have been admitted to Tsinghua University and forged the admission notice.
Mr. Cai, a resident of tiaofeng Town, said the incident caused a stir in the local area. The village where the students lived even pulled banners and set off firecrackers to celebrate the incident, which was later found to be a forgery.
From the pictures circulated on the Internet, it can be seen that there are many flaws in the fake admission notice, not only the color is different from the original, but also there are some problems such as wrong words and missing words.
The reporter called Leizhou Education Bureau to understand the situation, the staff said “did not hear about this matter”, “do not understand the situation.”.