Thousands of people round up murder suspects

On August 13, a cadre in houfang village, Shandang Town, Le’an County, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province, was killed. In the previous six days, an elderly couple and their grandson were killed by hammering in Shandang village of the town, two dead and one injured.
The Beijing News learned from Fuzhou Public Security Bureau that the perpetrator of the case was Zeng Chunliang, a person released from houfang village. The amount of reward wanted by the police in Le’an county increased from 50000 yuan to 300000 yuan.
The shadow of the murder is not over. The Beijing News reporter saw that in Shandang village and houfang village, the villagers’ doors are closed, and there are few pedestrians on the rural roads.
Villagers familiar with houfang village and Zeng Chunliang said that the suspect went to work in Zhejiang Province when he was about 20 years old, and used to make shoes in a shoe factory. After his release from prison in May this year, he had no formal job and did not have his own house in the village. Most of the time, Zeng Chunliang’s brother has moved to the county seat after two homicide cases.
In houfang village, Zeng Chunliang’s hometown, Shandang Town, Zeng Chunliang’s search was carried out around the village and deep into the mountains. UAVs and police dogs were deployed to search at the same time. On the evening of August 13, a reporter of Beijing News saw that a large number of police forces carried out a carpet search and arrest overnight, including more than 1000 local public security, armed police and militia. Houfang village is located in a local mountain, surrounded by dense jungle, even if it is dark, there are still militiamen holding bamboo sticks and flashlights to search around the village.
On August 14, the search continued. According to media reports, there are more than 20000 mu of forest near houfang village, and there are more than 5000 mu of forest in houfang village alone. A staff member of the Le’an county government said that at present, more than 4000 people of various types have been involved in the search and arrest work. The search personnel at the scene are roughly divided into four parts: the main force is focused on the mountain forest search, and the human resources are responsible for the back and forth patrol of the village and guarding various road junctions. There are also special personnel responsible for searching the vacant houses left in the village after the villagers go out to work.
As of press release, the search for the suspect Zeng Chunliang is still in progress.
On August 14, a large number of people near houfang village participated in the search for Zeng Chunliang. Photo by Lei Yanchao, reporter of Beijing News
Village Cadres: suspects hide in the village committee, and village cadres are killed
The two murders in six days left houfang village, Shandang Town, Le’an County, more empty. Some villagers said that some villagers moved to other places for temporary residence, while those who remained in the village closed early in the evening.
On August 14, a reporter from Beijing News reported that police had set up checkpoints along the road leading to houfang village in the town. Around the houses of Zeng Chunliang’s relatives, there are also a large number of police and armed police on duty. Houfang village, one of the places where the crime was committed, closed the gate of the villagers’ committee, and no one was seen in the courtyard.
On August 14, it was almost impossible to see pedestrians on the rural road in houfang village. Photo by Wei Furong, reporter of Beijing News
A day ago, GUI Gaoping, a cadre of the health insurance bureau of Le’an County, was killed in the rest room on the second floor of houfang village committee. Police circular shows that the suspect is being arrested in full swing. Fuzhou police told the Beijing news that the suspect was highly suspected of Zeng Chunliang, who was also a suspect in the murder in Shandang village on the 8th.
Huang Xuli, a cadre of houfang village, recalled that at the time of the 13 th crime, there were three poverty alleviation cadres stationed in the village, including GUI Gaoping.
At about 8:00 in the morning, “the three of them opened the door of the (village committee) and got out of the car. Director GUI first carried his bags up and went to the room to put things. The other two people were downstairs and had no time to go up.”. Huang Xuli said.
According to Huang Xuli, GUI Gaoping met Zeng Chunliang after entering the room. On weekdays, three village cadres have been living in the village committee. A villager in houfang village also told the Beijing news that there were two rooms on the second floor of the village committee, which were used for village cadres to rest.
On the 13th, to ensure the food supply of the special police on duty, Huang Xuli, who is usually on duty at the village committee, went to purchase food materials. Within minutes after leaving the village committee, the tragedy occurred.
When Huang Xuli heard the news and rushed to the village committee again, a cordon had been set up at the door.
On August 14, houfang village committee set up a cordon after the crime. Photo by Lei Yanchao, reporter of Beijing News
A video of the scene provided by local villagers showed that there were not many furnishings in the room, and the main furniture included two beds, a leather chair and a vertical wardrobe. But GUI Gaoping fell on the side of the bed near the door. The blood dyed the bedspread and his white coat. There was a long wooden stick beside the bed.
GUI Gaoping, 57, is the oldest of the three village cadres. According to Huang Xuli, GUI Gaoping came to houfang village in the middle of 2019. He was kind-hearted, and said, “you don’t talk too loud.” he is also very loving. “When a dog comes to the door of our village committee, he will feed it.”.
In the work of helping poor families in the village, a poor family in the village works outside all the year round. GUI Gaoping will take the initiative to find Huang Xuli to understand the situation of the poor family. “When the score line of the college entrance examination for children comes out, he will also come to me to discuss how to help them apply for financial aid (relief)”; in case of special difficulties, GUI Gaoping will pay out of his own pocket to buy living things for them.
Houfang village is surrounded by mountains. After the murder in Shandang village on the 8th, Huang Xuli said that it was reported that the suspect Zeng Chunliang had fled to the deep mountain of houfang village. A large number of police forces rushed to houfang village to patrol the mountain and hunt. Considering the personal safety of the cadres stationed in the village, the cadres of houfang village once advised three village cadres to go home and rest.
Huang Xuli mentioned that even during this period, several cadres stationed in the village insisted on working at the village committee until very late.
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