Bear bearing ceremony held in zoo

According to Chutian City daily (reporter Chen Xi, Li Hui, correspondent Tu yeqian), watermelon, pumpkin and apple are spliced into a color number “5”. Purple grapes are decorated with two layers of bamboo tubes. Golden Canna is brightened and colored, and Lagerstroemia indica is decorated with a lace This is a bamboo fruit cake prepared by Wuhan Zoo for the giant panda Chunqiao.
At 9:38 a.m. yesterday, “spring beauty” appeared, and tourists across a layer of glass accidentally sang birthday songs for it. The sharp eyed “spring beauty” went straight to the bright colored cake, smelled watermelon, looked at grapes, and then ate apples, carrots, and finally bamboo shoots and bamboo.
“Chunqiao” ate very fast, 20 minutes later, only bamboo was left. It picked up the stainless steel chassis and licked it, causing laughter from onlookers.
“Spring beauty” first eat apples, not bamboo shoots, why? This is a lot of children’s doubts. “Apple is Chunqiao’s favorite. If you put bamboo shoots, bamboo, apples and carrots together, you’d better choose apples, followed by carrots, and then eat bamboo shoots.”