Byte denies Microsoft’s purchase

On August 6th, the Financial Times reported that Microsoft was seeking to acquire tiktok’s global business, including tiktok India and Europe.
In this regard, in the early morning of August 7, the byte skipping aspect said to the surging news reporter that the news was not true.
According to Reuters, Microsoft did not propose to buy the entire tiktok in the negotiation with byte skipping.
Earlier, Microsoft confirmed in a statement that it was in the process of negotiating the acquisition of tiktok us and byte hop, which would be completed no later than September 15.
According to Microsoft’s statement, Microsoft and byte hop are exploring a preliminary proposal involving the acquisition of tiktok’s services businesses in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
Under the proposal, Microsoft will own and operate tiktok in these regions, and Microsoft will invite other U.S. investors to participate in the purchase of a minority stake.
Tiktok is a short video product launched by byte beating, which attacks overseas markets, and its function like TikTok is focused on the domestic market. Tiktok and mobile games information platform Sensor Tower data show that in April 2020, TikTok and jitter global downloads have exceeded 2 billion times.
Due to its Chinese background, tiktok is under great pressure in India and the United States.
U.S. President trump will order byte bounce to sell tiktok. Currently, trump has set a 45 day deadline for negotiations between byte skipping and Microsoft.
He threatened that the popular app would be banned in the United States if byte skipping didn’t sell tiktok to Microsoft (or other U.S. companies) in 45 days.
According to Sensor Tower, in July 2020, the jitter and TikTok were more than 102 million dollars in global App Store and Google Play, 8.6 times the tiktok of July last year, and again won the world mobile app (non gaming) revenue championship. Tiktok, China’s version of the 89% of its revenue, ranked second in the US market and contributed 6% of its revenue.