Zhang Yishan and song Yanfei break up

At 23:00 on August 5, song Yanfei’s studio announced that song Yanfei had broken up with Zhang Yishan today. And the two people have not been officially announced, the news of direct break-up also made netizens very surprised. Just today, Zhang Yishan was exposed to be in and out of the hotel with a beautiful woman, suspected to have been cheating.
Song Yanfei and Zhang Yishan have been rumored to be in love before, because the photos they often display on social platforms include wearing the same clothes, which is suspected to be lovers’ clothes.
In addition, there are a lot of small details revealed that the two people have been together for a long time, but they have never officially declared a relationship.
“Zhang Yishan and song Yanfei fell in love three years ago,” a well-known gossip blogger said on the Internet He also said in the comment area that he was deeply in love with song Yanfei. Such remarks naturally caused great controversy, and Zhang Yishan also suffered a lot of negative public opinions.
Song Yan Feifang admitted that after breaking up, netizens’ attitude was also very clear. Many people speculate that song Yanfei should have seen the news that day before she learned that Zhang Yishan was going to spend the Spring Festival together. However, perhaps the two people’s feelings have been at odds before, but Zhang Yishan does have ambiguous behavior with the woman.
Song Yanfei’s breakup speed is also very fast, simple and clear to open her love with Zhang Yishan, and at the same time, official Xuan has broken up. However, at present, Zhang Yishan has not responded to her scandal. Song Yanfei is still busy with her work. She is a little tired, but she is in good shape.
Less than half a month ago, Zhang Yishan and song Yanfei were photographed in the same neighborhood, and song Yanfei was acquiesced as Zhang Yishan’s real girlfriend.
However, song Yanfei is also more and more beautiful, has long been graceful. The figure and temperament are excellent, and Zhang Yishan was originally a talented couple.
Other people’s feelings are complex. It is impossible for outsiders to understand clearly. Next, we’d better wait for Zhang Yishan’s response.